AIIB & The Changing World Order

[op-ed snap] AIIB: A new multilateral institutionop-ed snap

  1. AIIB took shape with 50 members, including Australia, India, Russia and the United Kingdom and the remaining 7 are likely to join by the end of the year.
  2. China will be the largest shareholder (at 30.34%), followed by India (8.52%) and Russia (6.66%).
  3. AIIB is a culmination of China’s concerns that the emerging economies were not being given an adequate say in institutions such as IMF and WB.
  4. With ‘Belt and Road’ project close to her heart, AIIB is likely to invest in projects in China’s Asian neighbourhood which is suffering from a massive infrastructure funding gap.
  5. India’s participation in AIIB indicates mature balancing act to suit its interests – to engage with the West, at the same time exploring options with new financial institutions.

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