Black Money – Domestic and International Efforts

[op-ed snap] Artificially created recession II

  1. Impact: Supply chain of goods and services disrupted
  2. Traders and retailers deprived overnight of the funds to carry their business they can’t even pay for transport of goods to the market
  3. Retailers cannot sell goods since customers do not have money to buy them, they can provide goods on credit to customers only up to a point since they need to pay their suppliers
  4. In villages, kharif harvest is not yet fully marketed, but producers unable to sell their crops owing to shortage of the new money
  5. Many are being offered drastically lower prices for their produce
  6. Farmers who have already marketed their kharif crop cannot buy seed and fertilisers for sowing rabi
  7. Even in a relatively organised tea plantations sector, daily wages in new money have not been paid to workers, depriving them of their sustenance

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