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[op-ed snap] Challenges of rapid and unplanned urbanisationop-ed snap

Cities are struggling with huge infrastructure deficits: congestion, lack of affordable housing, poor sewage facilities, inadequate water supply.

  1. Delhi is choking on toxic air. Bangalore is submerged in garbage. Chennai is parched & Mumbai is running out of space.
  2. Things are worse in Tier II, III and IV cities, where adherence to norms and standards is poor and monitoring and punishment for violations, non-existent.
  3. Essentially, JNNURM has been rebranded as the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transportation.
  4. JNNURM was stymied by issues like land acquisition and the incapacity of city officials to handle large projects.
  5. India is the only G-20 country that does not have empowered or elected mayors, despite the 74th Amendment.
  6. More local autonomy is a must if cities are to fix themselves and invest wisely in creating the infrastructure they need.