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Mains Paper 3: Internal Security | Linkages between development and spread of extremism.

The following things are important from UPSC perspective:

Prelims Level: Not much

Mains level: The internal security issues related to the State of Jammu kashmir are always a part of discussion. Also, these topics are specially mentioned in the Mains syllabus.



  1. The article talks about the current situation of Jammu and Kashmir, and the recent decision of appointing an interlocutor for solving the Kashmir issue

Current issues related to the state of Jammu and Kashmir

  1. The use of brutal force to suppress the agitation by Kashmiris has aggravated the law and order situation the state
  2. Lapses in intelligence information about the separatists’ activities have not helped

Government’s new plan of tackling intelligence issues in the state

  1. Centre has appointed Dineshwar Sharma to plug the loopholes in gathering, analysing and disseminating intelligence information
  2. Why it is needed: There is a lack of quality information on the activities of the militants and encounters between the security forces and militants have remained alarmingly high since Burhan Wani was eliminated

Consequences of bad intelligence inputs

  1. In spite of the heavy deployment of security forces, the state does not seem prepared to contain insurgency and militancy
  2. People have suffered grievous losses mainly because security forces and political administrators have not been able to use intelligence inputs to their advantage

Expectations from Dineshwar Sharma

  1. Dineshwar Sharma’s selection as interlocutor is meant to shore up intelligence gathering so that militancy can be effectively suppressed
  2. The expectations created by Sharma’s appointment are unduly high
  3. Sharma has no experience in dispute resolution and there is clearly a mismatch between his professional expertise and the task that he has been assigned

Is government on the wrong path?

  1. The appointment of a police officer shows that the government still views the Kashmir dispute through the prism of national security and intelligence
  2. The fact is that the problem can only be solved politically
  3. This has been admitted by army chiefs and other security experts who have worked in Jammu and Kashmir

Development and employment issues in the state

  1. There is growing discontent among the Kashmiri youth
  2. At least 42 per cent of them are unemployed
  3. There has been no improvement in the education and employment situation in the state
  4. The central schemes for the youth in Jammu and Kashmir, namely the PM’s scholarships for poor students from the state and the Udaan scheme for generating employment have not been implemented in letter and spirit

No act on recommendations given by the interlocutors in the past

  1.  The UPA and NDA governments did not act upon the recommendations of the interlocutors and other committees constituted by the Centre
  2. This points to a lack of sincerity on the part of the political dispensation at the Centre to resolve the issue

The way forward

  1. The Congress and the BJP have often come together to evolve a consensus on vital issues
  2. The resolution of border disputes with Bangladesh by exchanging enclaves is an example
  3. Therefore, that the Indian establishment can resolve the Kashmir dispute provided it pursues the goal earnestly

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