[op-ed snap] Getting the climate story right

  1. A ‘2015 Agreement’ is to be signed at the United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Paris, this December.
  2. Currently, there is no international benchmark of what counts as sufficient climate action but then every country needs to have a story. Right?
  3. India is in the early stage of 3 transformations: a demographic transition for which its needs to create jobs; a shift from a rural to an at least half-urban society; and vastly expanded infrastructure to support both transitions.
  4. Given these factors, it would be foolhardy to place a cap on India’s carbon headroom.
  5. Still, India must signal serious intent, both because it wants to be seen as a responsible global player, and because an effective climate agreement is firmly in its own interests.
Climate Change Negotiations – UNFCCC, COP, Other Conventions and Protocols
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