Women empowerment issues – Jobs,Reservation and education

[op-ed snap] Her freedoms


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Nothing much

Mains level : Tackling sexual violence against women


The attack on Nirbhaya, the law student and the veterinary doctor show that simply going about life can prove hazardous to life and safety if you are an Indian woman. 

Actions in the past

    • A raft of legislation followed the upheaval in 2012 :
      • expanding the definition of rape 
      • lowering the age at which juveniles could stand trial
      • increasing endorsement of the death penalty as punishment

Violence against women

    • These incidents illustrate how streets and highways turn toxic against women even in a city.
    • Often, men inflict sexual violence on women as punishment. 
    • Many women demand an acknowledgment of their experience of sexual abuse.
    • They should reclaim the public space that is denied to them by the ruse of safety and self-protection. 
    • Worried parents will stop them from going out at night; they will be told to shrink their lives into narrower and narrower circles to pre-empt the actions of possible assaulters.

Need for action

    • As more and more women turn out to work, study and occupy public and private spaces with assertion, governments, and society must reboot.
    • Law enforcement agencies have to bring culprits to book. The process of justice should not doubly punish the survivor. 
    • State governments should make cities and towns safe for women’s mobility, their entertainment, and their freedom.
    • The violence is a reminder to continue the difficult conversation about power and patriarchy.
    • It’s not just enough to train girls in self-defense but to teach boys empathy. 
    • There is a need to reimagine women’s freedoms beyond curfews, dress codes, and propriety.
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