Air Pollution

[op-ed snap] Persisting smog-reasons and measures to be takenop-ed snap

  1. Two-pronged approach needed: policy changes to help farmers stop burning crop waste and tackle problems created by urbanization
  2. Role of farmers: Farmers not at fault for trying to remove waste from land, they need help
  3. In northwestern States, they resort to burning straw to prepare for a wheat crop weeks after harvesting rice
  4. Indian Agricultural Research Institute’s report: emphasis on converting paddy straw into livestock feed, compost, raw material for power generation, biofuel production and as substrate for mushroom farming
  5. State support needed: for straw to be used as fodder, farmers should be assisted with supplemental stocks of urea and molasses, green fodder and legume waste
  6. State-guided modernisation programme needed: pave all roads well to curb dust, show zero tolerance to civic agencies leaving exposed mud after executing projects
  7. Clean transport sector- bus fleet should be augmented, preferably doubled, with modern high-capacity zero emission electric vehicles

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