Air Pollution

[op-ed snap] The arhar solution to pollutionop-ed snap

  1. Context: Pusa Arhar 16 has the potential to be grown in the paddy-growing regions of India, with yield greater than those of the existing varieties
  2. Its uniform size will make it amenable to mechanical harvesting
  3. Advantages over paddy: Arhar straw, unlike paddy straw, is green and can be ploughed back into soil
  4. Paddy straw has high silica content, which does not allow for easy decomposition
  5. Social Benefits: Pulses will use less fertiliser, less water, fewer emissions, and will replenish the soil with nitrogen unlike paddy which depletes the soil
  6. However, because of guaranteed MSPs in paddy, it is less risky to grow than pulses

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