Climate Change Negotiations – UNFCCC, COP, Other Conventions and Protocols

[op-ed snap] The Way Forward from Parisop-ed snap

  1. Context: The idea of ‘climate justice’ which has been ingrained in the preamble of Paris agreement and its implementation strategy
  2. The Bolivarian group of countries, who have been the most ardent advocates of climate justice in the past, have relied on the notion of ‘compensation for damage’
  3. In its least confrontational connotation, the notion of climate justice is equivalent to the principle of equity and differentiation in actions
  4. Common but differentiated responsibility: Remember this key term? this centerpiece of the Kyoto Protocol, is no longer the only basis of actions and some believe that Paris agreement has also moved away from this centerpiece of UNFCC framework
  5. Hence, this new keyword – Climate Justice and the debate around how best to define it!
  6. Way forward: Justice in climate is not confined to actions relating to mitigation but includes the wider notion of support for adaptation to climate change and compensation for loss and damage.
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