[op-ed snap] To revive an old friendship Part 1

  1. Theme: Despite the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan, India’s close ally Russia is conducting its first ever joint military exercise with Pakistan.
  2. Possible reasons behind the Russia-Pakistan joint military exercise: Russia being dependent on arms and energy exports views Pakistan as a potential market. Also, Russia has become a strategic partner of China post Western sanctions on Russia and Pakistan is the satellite state of China.
  3. Possible irritants in India-Russia relations: There are real and perceived shifts in Indian armament policies and other sectors towards US, France, Israel where Russia has previously dominated.
  4. At the same time, Russia-India trade has not grown to great heights despite the encouragement of both states.
  5. Russia-India relations in the past: India has been supportive of Russian positions in Chechnya, Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere.
  6. Russia has backed the Indian position on Kashmir. Russia also provides sensitive technologies, military equipment and nuclear power engines to India.
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