Turkey’s complicated war

Turkey’s decision to join the war against IS is based on the realization of IS threat on the backdrop of IS bombing of Turkish city, last month.

  1. IS had almost reached Turkish border, a region occupied by Kurdish militias. But, Kurds posed a strong resistance to IS driving them away from the region.
  2. Kurds were provided cover fire by US’ Air Force, which was a major cause of worry for Turkey.
  3. However, Ankara’s strategy seems a little misdirected as it started bombing the areas occupied by both Kurdish militants and IS.
  4. This will lead to weakening of of Kurds, the major force on ground to tackle IS, thereby strengthening IS.
  5. Turkey should work on sustainable peace plan by taking forward its ceasefire with Kurds and focusing on military operation against IS.
The Crisis In The Middle East
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