[op-ed snap] Walking the talk on ‘Look East’ policy

  1. Theme: A no. of circumstances are coming are coming together to improve the development of the North-east
  2. Political: BJP is in power in the centre and in Assam
  3. Diplomacy: India has been able to mend relations with Bangladesh and make it a partner in connecting to the North-east
  4. Last month, India commissioned a rail link from New Delhi to Agartala, Tripura, passing through Bangladesh. Similarly, India is working towards access to the Sittwe port in Myanmar
  5. From there goods will move to the North-east along the Kaladan river. There are also plans for a tri-nation highway to connect the North-east with to Bangkok through Myanmar
  6. Gas: The Cabinet last week formalized plans to allow east India access to a green fuel, gas. A 2,500 km long pipeline, passing through UP, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and West Bengal, will be built
  7. With LNG terminals coming up throughout the coastline a gas infrastructure will be created for the region. This will provide a green and cheap fuel for industries on the coastline
  8. Conclusion: Combination of political, diplomatic and infrastructure factors can give a push to development in the east and North-east.
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