[op-ed snap]Marrakesh Climate Change

  1. Paris agreement: is not the global ambition to stablise climate, but “transparency of actions”
  2. It is a tool for mutual/collective verification and review of actions from a competitive perspective
  3. Spirit of Paris CoP was re-affirmed through the Marrakesh Proclamation on Climate and Sustainable Development
  4. Paris agreement for the first time, recognised that the basket of international actions could include actions taken by NGOs, civil society, sub-national or constituent units of states, business coalitions, and/or international bodies
  5. Only now have the private sector and businesses have started genuinely believing in climate change actions as a strategy for their future growth
  6. Pointers to Marrakesh climate change conference: It discussed the scope and designed elements for implementing the Paris agreement
  7. Marrakesh CoP aimed at an action-based meeting, and safely launching the process of facilitative dialogue for 2018
  8. Marrakesh had been projected as a place where all players will re-commit or declare new actions
  9. A call to all governments and non-government players to make contributions for climate stabilisation
  10. IPCC has been requested to come up with a special report on the global climate scenarios for achieving a 1.5 degree climate stabilisation goal
  11. This is designed to put additional pressure on countries and persuade them to take more ambitious and early actions for stabilisation of climate
Climate Change Negotiations – UNFCCC, COP, Other Conventions and Protocols
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