Ouagadougou lessons

New Delhi needs to initiate a national audit of police and intelligence preparedness, based on global best-practices.

  1. The killings this weekend at the Splendid Hotel in Burkina Faso’s Ouagadougou hold out important lessons to India about the threat of terror.
  2. One, the attacks show, the threat doesn’t come from any one organisation.
  3. Second,the use of conventional military force against terrorist groups doesn’t guarantee an end to terrorism.
  4. Third, the critical line of defence against terrorism is a well-trained and well-equipped domestic police force, capable of interdicting and responding to attacks, thus mitigating their impact.
  5. Most states and major cities now have élite special weapons and tactics units but their training and infrastructure are often ramshackle.
  6. Training of first responders — the constables is dismal.
  7. Deficiency in training of elite national forces, the National Security Guard was ruthlessly exposed in Pathankot,
  8. Finally, the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing remain understaffed and underfunded.
Foreign Policy Watch: Cross-Border Terrorism
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