Foreign Policy Watch: Cross-Border Terrorism

Pakistan still promotes ‘good’ jihadis: NGO- II

  1. The background and aftermath of the Pathankot airbase attack in India symbolise the impunity accorded to good jihadists
  2. Initiatives: By both India and Pakistan- the unscheduled visit of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Lahore in 2015 were meant to enhance peace process
  3. However, derailing the nascent process was likely the motive for a major attack on the Pathankot base the very next month
  4. Pak: After the Peshawar terror attack on an Army Public School in December 2014, military and civilian Pakistani establishment announced a 20-point National Action Plan for countering terrorism
  5. It included measures to prevent banned groups from operating and/or regrouping under new names, preventing terror funding, and dismantling terrorist communication networks among others

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