Electric and Hybrid Cars – FAME, National Electric Mobility Mission, etc.

[pib] NITI Aayog to organise India’s First Global Mobility Summit


Mains Paper 2: Governance | Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: MOVE Summit, NITI Talks,

Mains level:  The newscard highlights the importance of clean energy options in manufacture of electric vehicles that gives various benefits.


India’s MOVE for vehicles electrification

  1. Steeply falling technology costs and business – model innovation are driving the world’s transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles.
  2. Against this background, NITI Aayog, in collaboration with various ministries and industry partners, is organising ‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’.
  3. This Summit will help drive Government’s goals for vehicle electrification, renewable energy integration and job growth and also speed up India’s transition to a clean energy economy.

Aim of the Summit

  1. MOVE Summit aims to bring together and engage with key stakeholders within the rapidly transforming global mobility landscape and to evolve a public interest framework for a shared, connected, zero emission and inclusive mobility agenda for the future.
  2. The Summit, hence, aims to encourage synergies between indigenous industries such as Automobile Manufacturing, Information Technology, Electronics, Telecommunications and others, to integrate with global supply chains and cement India’s position as a progressive, forwarding looking nation.

Participants in the Summit

This summit will be the first Global Mobility Summit of its kind, with over 1,200 expected participants from across the world including Government leadership, Industry leaders, Research Organizations, Academia ,Think Tanks and Civil Society Organisations.

Focus areas

  1. The Summit will constitute three designated components – The Conclave, the Expo and the Featured Events.
  2. The Summit has been organised along key ‘tracks’ to anchor debate and deliberations on towards preparing a collective mobility agenda. The six tracks or themes for the Summit will focus on:
  • Asset Utilization and Services;
  • Comprehensive Electrification ;
  • Alternative Energy;
  • Reinventing Public Transit;
  • Logistics and Goods Transport;
  • Data Analytics and Mobility.

 ‘MOVEMENTUM’, the Expo

  1. It will feature exciting future technologies and cutting edge innovations which will shape the mobility paradigm, showcasing India’s push towards transformative mobility solutions.
  2. The exhibition will offer a first-hand perspective on automotive solutions, upcoming trends in the logistics sector and will see participation from major global players as well as the Indian industry.
  3. The exhibition will have sector-specific focus, showcasing global strengths in various dimensions looking to cater the growing demands of the world.

NITI Talks

  1. NITI Aayog has additionally planned ‘NITI Talks’, for showcasing successful entrepreneurs from across the country from the field of mobility, sustainable development, climate change and multimodal transport.
  2. The global innovation agenda has expanded the creative limits of what future mobility would constitute and India has the potential to be a leader in the ‘global mobility movement’.

National Strategy for Transforming Mobility

  1. NITI Aayog has also been working towards evolving a National Strategy for Transforming Mobility, in the spirit of cooperative and competitive federalism.
  2. It is urging all States and Union territories to formulate state-specific comprehensive strategies by constituting respective State Task Forces.
  3. Inputs received from the various States will be integrated with global best practices to come up with a National Strategy, will also be launched.

Way Forward

  1. The Summit envisages mobility as a key driver for generating employment, accelerating economic growth & providing innovative solutions to improve efficiency and efficacy of transport sector.
  2. New pathways are emerging to provide clean, cost effective mobility services that create new jobs, reduce dependence on oil imports and achieve efficient land usage in cities.
  3. Nowhere in the world is there greater potential to accelerate the transition to a shared, connected and zero emission society than India.  India has a leapfrog opportunity.
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