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[pib] ‘Paryatan Parv’ to be organized nationwide from 16th to 27th September, 2018


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Paryatan Parv, 2018

Mains level: Not Much


Paryatan Parv, 2018

  1. Nodal Ministry: Union Ministry of Tourism
  2. Aim: drawing focus on the benefits of tourism, showcasing the cultural diversity of the country and reinforcing the principle of “Tourism for All”.
  3. The Paryatan Parv will have three main components as like last year, viz.
  • Dekho Apna Desh: Encouraging Indians to visit their own country. It will focus on domestic tourists especially to sensitize youth.
  • Tourism for All: Organizing tourism events (Paryatan Mahotsav) across all destinations in the country.
  • Tourism & Governance: It will have interactive sessions and workshops with stakeholders on varied themes like Skill Development in Tourism Sector, Innovation in Tourism etc.
  1. The Paryatan Parv will start with the India Tourism Mart 2018 which will further ensure wide participation from outside the country.
  2. It shall conclude with the World Tourism Day celebrations on 27th September 2018.
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