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[pib] United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: UNWTO and its mandate

Mains level: Not Much



  • The delegation Ministry of Tourism is attending the 109th session of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council in Manama, Bahrain.

Programme and Budget Committee of UNWTO

  1. India’s tourism minister chaired the ‘Programme and Budget Committee’ meeting of UNWTO.
  2. It highlighted the role of tourism in socio-economic development through job creation, enterprise and environment development and foreign exchange earnings.
  3. As the chair of the Committee, the Minister informed the session that for the first time, UNWTO had a surplus budget and most of the arrears due have been paid.
  4. India will be the chair of Programme and Budget Committee of UNWTO Executive Council till 2021.



  1. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.
  2. The UNWTO Executive Council represents the Organization’s governing body.
  3. Its task is to take all necessary measures in consultation with the Secretary-General, for implementation of its own decisions and recommendations of the Assembly and report thereupon to the Assembly.
  4. The Council meets at least twice a year.
  5. The council consists of 35 Full Members elected by the assembly in proportion of one member for every Five Full Members.
  6. The membership is in accordance with the Rules of Procedure laid down by the Assembly with a view to achieving fair and equitable geographical distribution.
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