Food Processing Industry: Issues and Developments

[pib] World Food India 2019


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : World Food India 2019

Mains level : Food processing industries in India

  • Union Minister for Food Processing Industries has inaugurated the World Food India 2019, the biggest gathering of all global and domestic stakeholders in Food Processing Sector
  • It is aimed to position India as Food Processing Destination of the World.

World Food India

  • The government initiated a biennial event- World Food India to promote food processing sector at global level.
  • The first such event was conducted in 2017 and received wide success.
  • The event created Brand India in global food map by positioning India as a World Food Factory.
  • It was for the first time in India that all major policy makers and top industrialists across the globe in Food Processing Industries were together under one roof.

Food Processing Industry in India

  • Food processing is one of the six superstar sectors under the GoI’s Make in India initiative and has the potential to transform India as a leading food processing destination of the World.
  • It is critical to achieving the PM’s vision of doubling the farmers’ income in India and reducing food wastage.
  • Indian Food Processing Industry has grown tremendously recording 11% growth rate, which is twice the pace of Global Industry.
  • The sector has recorded double digit growth rate across all major sub-segments of the sectors both in terms of value and volume.
  • Despite huge domestic market of 1.3 billion customers with the youngest population globally and an abundant agricultural base, the processing levels in India remain low at 7.7%.
  • India lags behind several economies such as China, Malaysia and US. Its share in global exports of processed food is only 2%.
  • Besides, India also has a high share of harvest and post-harvest losses from major agricultural produces on account of poor storage, transportation and logistics to the extent of $13 Billion,3 times the agricultural budget.
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