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Quadricycles for personal use get government’s green signal


Mains Paper 2: Governance | Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

From UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: Not Much

Mains level: Utility of Quadricycle and Road Safety


  • Quadricycles can now be bought for personal usage, with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notifying insertion of the item ‘Quadricycle’ as a ‘non-transport’ vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

What is Quadricycle?

  1. A quadricycle is a vehicle of the size of a three-wheeler but with four-tyres and is fully covered like a car.
  2. It has an engine like that of a three-wheeler.
  3. This makes it a cheap and safe mode of transport for last-mile connectivity.

Open for Personal Use

  1. Though the government permitted the use of quadricycles for commercial purpose in June, the latest notification opens the door for their use for personal purpose.
  2. Bajaj Auto is the only company that makes the vehicle named ‘Qute’, which it exports to countries like Turkey.
  3. Quadricycles may signal the beginning of a new era in public transportation as currently three-wheelers remain a highly unsafe mode for commuting.

Conflicting stance on Road Safety

  1. The introduction of such category also raises a lot of questions about the government’s thought process.
  2. On the one hand, it is talking about road safety and the need for environment-friendly vehicles and therefore stressing on features such as ABS and airbags.
  3. On the other, it is promoting vehicles like quadricycles which do not have such safety mechanisms.
  4. There is a strong possibility that the shift to quadricycles may happen if the vehicles get preferential tax treatment or if the rules are relaxed, particularly for the electric/hybrid variants.
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