Rare Chera, Chola coins found in Thanjavur


  1. 10 rare coins have been found at Thanjavur. These include – a Sangam age Chera coin datable to 2nd century BCE, 8 Chola period coins and a Vijayanagara period coin.
  2. Of the 8 Chola coins, one belongs to the Raja Raja Chola. It has the image of a man standing and holding a flower. The reverse shows a seated man and a legend in Nagari, reading “Rajaraja.”
  3. Another coin belongs to his son, Rajendra Chola. It has Nagari script “Uttama”, his grandfather’s name.
  4. The miniscule Vijayanagara silver coin was issued by emperor Krishnadevaraya. It has a seated goddess, and a leaf with horizontal lines and dots on the reverse.
  5. Excavation also yielded a heap of beads made out of glass, terracotta and semi-precious stones, terracotta pipes and big pots.
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