WHO report on doctors in India

  1. News: A World Health Organisation study titled ‘The Health Workforce in India’ has sounded alarm on the doctors in India, based on data from Census 2001
  2. Key findings: Almost one-third of those who claimed to be allopathic doctors in 2001 were educated only up to the secondary school level and 57% did not have any medical qualification
  3. The situation was far worse in rural India, where just 18.8% of allopathic doctors had a medical qualification
  4. Female healthcare workers were found to be more educated and medically qualified than their male counterparts
  5. India has 36 medically qualified doctors per lakh population and 6 medically qualified nurses and midwives per lakh population
  6. Solution: There should be more attempts from the government to curb quackery (promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practices)
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