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Mains Paper 3: Agriculture | Food processing & related industries in India- scope & significance, location, upstream & downstream requirements, supply chain management

From the UPSC perspective, the following things are important:

Prelims level: SMART Project

Mains level: Facilitating agri-business in India


  • The state government launched an ambitious project – State of Maharashtra Agribusiness and Rural Transformation (SMART) – in 10,000 villages with an objective to achieve sustainable farming within the next three years.


  1. The SMART project is being undertaken will cover almost one-fourth of Maharashtra.
  2. The project SMART will be assisted by the World Bank.
  3. The focus is clearly on villages which are reeling under the worst agriculture crisis compounded by lack of infrastructure and assured value chains to channelize the farm produce.
  4. The objective of the project is to:
  • create and support the value chains in post-harvest segments of agriculture,
  • facilitate agribusiness investment,
  • stimulate SMEs within the value chain,
  • support resilient agriculture production systems,
  • expand access to new and organised markets for producers and
  • enhance private sector participation in the agribusiness.

A farmer friendly project

  1. This project unites agriculture-oriented corporates and farmers by providing them a common platform.
  2. Through this meaningful partnership change will emerge across rural as well as livelihood of farmers across the state.

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