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Species in news: Idris Elba


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Idris Elba

Mains level : NA

  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe British actor Idris Elba stars as Heimdall. Now, scientists have given the name Idris elba to a species of wasp that is again a protector — of crops.

Idris Elba

  • The wasp, recently discovered in Mexico, was found living as a parasite in the eggs of another insect, known as the bagrada bug, which is a major pest of cruciferous vegetables.
  • In fact, the genus Idris already exists, having been described in 1856.
  • It now contains over 300 species, including the newest one discovered and given the species name elba.
  • While other species of the Idris genus were known to only parasitise spider eggs, specimens of Idris elba have now been found to emerge from eggs of the bagrada bug.
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