Sugar Industry – FRP, SAP, Rangarajan Committee, EBP, MIEQ, etc.

Sugar woes – PM pitches for more ethanol blending

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked his ministerial colleagues to take concrete efforts to implement ethanol blending with petrol from 2 to 5% which could eventually be raised to 10% and exploring the possibility of exporting sugar to liquidate sugar stock.
  2. Sugar industry owes about Rs 14,398 crore to cane farmers and is unable to make payment as it is facing severe liquidity crunch on account of surplus production that has resulted in low prices of sugar in the domestic market.

Do you think this will solve the problem for the sugarcane industry at large?

This solution will have to weigh against our capacity to produce such a huge amount of ethanol and what happens to the chemical sector at large. But what else?

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