Supreme Court sets guidelines to curb road accidents


Prelims level: Not much
Mains level: Guidelines; 2014 Question: National urban transport policy emphasizes on moving people instead of moving vehicles. Discuss critically the success of various strategies of the government in this regard.

1.The Supreme Court on Thursday came out with a set of guidelines to tackle rising accidents
  1. Addition of a chapter on road safety in school curriculum
  2. Audits of two most accident-prone stretches of highways/expressways in each state as a pilot programme.
Suggestions by SC appointed committee on Road Safety 
  1. Frame a road safety policy
  2. Constitute state road safety councils
  3. Establish a lead agency to act as the secretariat of the road safety council
  4. Coordinate all activities such as licensing issues, acquisition of road safety equipment such as cameras and speed governors.
  5. Strengthen norms for crash testing of light vehicles.
Government’s Response
  1. Already acted on most of the guidelines.
  2. Would take some time to build capacity in the field of road safety audit.
  3. Requested the court to permit states to set their own targets for completing the road safety audits.
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