The Hindu is leftist & Indian Express is rightist!

  1. But we just care about getting the daily news facts straight, right?
  2. We started thinking about Civilsdaily about 5 months ago. Few of our friends, preparing for civils, complained about how hard it was to get the bare essential facts out of the hugely opinionated news items.
  3. That it was impossible to string together the historic details and not get caught in the mire of leftists, rightists, left of center and what not!
  4. And that really speaks to how the news is broken today.
  5. Hence, we set out to provide the most relevant news in bite sized format in a simple cheerful interface.
  6. But WHAT NEXT? What NEXT beyond curating the daily news to give you a bird’s eye view of the day that went by?
  7. The answer to that is this – | We are connecting the Newscards which you have been studying over time to build a Newsline of the events in the last 1 year or so.