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U.S. had cyber-attack plans for Iran’s Fordo

  1. Context: In early years, US developed an elaborate plan for a cyber-attack on Iran in case diplomatic effort to limit its nuclear programme failed and led to a military conflict
  2. The Plan: code named Nitro Zeus, was designed to disable Iran’s air defences, communications systems and key parts of its power grid
  3. Relevance: Nitro Zeus was part of an effort to assure President Obama that he had alternatives, short of a full-scale war, if Iran lashed out at the US or its allies in region
  4. Cyber Plan: To disable the Fordo nuclear enrichment site, which Iran built deep inside a mountain near the city of Qum
  5. Importance of Fordo: It has considered one of the hardest targets in Iran, buried too deep for all but the most powerful bunker-buster in U.S. arsenal

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