Polio Eradication And Endgame Strategy

Union Government launches IPV injection as part of global polio endgame strategy

The launching of IPV would enable children to get double protection from polio i.e. orally and in the form of injection.

  1. It was launched as part of India’s next step in Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) to fight against polio virus in country.
  2. UIP initially will cover six states including Uttar Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh , Bihar, Assam, Punjab and Gujarat in first phase.
  3. By April 2016, Union Government would switch to IPV alongside the oral polio vaccine (OPV) to eradicate polio virus.
  4. As part of India’s efforts to boost its polio immunization programme babies getting their third dose of OPV now would be administered an injection with IPV.

India was certified polio-free country on 27 March 2014, but the immunization programme continues since two of its neighbours Afghanistan and Pakistan still remain polio-endemic countries.

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