What is Bakrid?


From UPSC perspective, the following things are important :

Prelims level : Bakrid festival

Mains level : Nothing much

  1. Id–ul–Azha is the commemoration of sacrifice by Prophet Hazrath Ibrahim
  2. It is celebrated the world over by the Muslims annually on the 10th of the Islamic month of Zilhaj
  3. One night Hazrath Ibrahim saw in a vision that he was sacrificing his only son Ismail. It was a dream and in reality, it was an order from Allah which demanded sacrifice from both the father and the son.
  4. Hazrath Ibrahim consulted his son Hazrath Ismail readily consented.
  5. The rising sun of the 10th of Zilhaj saw the scene of a father preparing to sacrifice his son in obedience to his Maker.
  6. Hazrath Ibrahim walked towards the hill of Marwa along with Ismail. He laid him down, blindfolded himself and got ready to perform the sacrifice.
  7. Disappointment flooded through Ibrahim as the thoughts finally took shape. He saw his son Ismail standing, his eyes sparkling with vitality and a smile on his tranquil face. Hazrath Ibrahim construed that his sacrifice had been rejected.
  8. Allah requires our will and devotion and sacrificing the goat is one of the rites of the Haj to be performed by every Muslim who can afford it.
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