Over 50% of the Mains Candidates of 2017 failed to clear 2018 Prelims. Know why?

Many of the mains and Interview candidates of 2017 failed to get over the line in Prelims 2018. The chief reason was overconfidence –

“I’ve figured out UPSC’s pattern”.

“I can use compilations to keep up with Current Affairs”

“I can score well without practicing with a Test Series”

The result was mayhem on the D-Day and then blame game started. UPSC used confusing language, questions were wrong, obscure sources etc.

The bottom line is that some people still managed to remain unfazed by changes and cleared prelims again. What did they do differently? Simply put, they were more prepared.

How can you do that? By following these 5 simple steps

  • Invest in a comprehensive Test Series – Look no further than Civilsdaily’s Prime TS
  • Cover the complete syllabus.
  • Revise, revise, revise ……..
  • Analyze and work on your weaknesses – Exam day stress can be tackled by multiple Full-Length Tests

Peak at the right time – pace your preparation in tune with exam cycle

Don’t let overconfidence ruin another year.

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