Delhi’s Odd-Even Policy Analysis

Apr, 15, 2016

Odd-even 2.0 findings to decide scheme’s future

  1. News: Delhi govt, on the basis of scientific data and public opinion, will decide whether the odd-even scheme will be institutionalized
  2. How? Govt. will do assessment of traffic congestion and pollution levels between April 15 and April 30
  3. Focus: The air quality challenge will be posed by ozone and nitrogen dioxide, which are the main pollutants during summer months
  4. Challenge: The Capital’s transport infrastructure requires a complete overhaul for this to become a reality
  5. The January version of the odd-even scheme had only managed to bring down congestion on city roads
Jan, 23, 2016

Begin with a rigorous study

Delhi’s odd-even trial was brave, but policy needs good research at design stage.

  1. Good evidence on the impact of any public policy requires a willingness to experiment, quality data, and a rigorous study design.
  2. That can identify what changes can be attributed to the policy alone.
  3. The sources of pollution in Delhi are varied, and so will be the solutions.
  4. Odd-even policy is a clear departure from how policymakers have sought to tackle worsening pollution.
  5. However, it reflects only one of the potential policy innovations.
  6. That need to be carefully designed, piloted and evaluated for impact as well as the costs imposed, until there’s a sustained improvement in Delhi’s air quality.
Dec, 26, 2015

Women, bikers out of Delhi’s odd-even formula

Delhi government has released the blueprint for its odd-even vehicle formula, which comes into force from Jan 1 for a 15-day trial.

This is India’s first attempt at controlling air pollution by disallowing vehicles with odd and even registration plates to ply on roads on alternate days.

Who are all exempted?

  • 2-wheelers and cars driven by women.
  • Vehicles that are run on compressed natural gas (CNG).
  • Vehicles of very important persons (VIPs), and those carrying differently-abled people.
  • Ambulances, fire brigade, hospital, prison and hearse vehicles.
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