Write an Answer to ANY UPSC Mains Question: Sajal Singh sir’s Ultimate 2 hr Masterclass (Today at 5:30 pm)

Writing IAS Toppers-Level Answers in Just 2 Hours! No More Excuses.

Do you know what separates UPSC toppers from those who don’t make the cut? Answer writing skills. Many aspirants take up to 4 years to crack this skill, but you don’t have to. Sajal Singh sir, the mentor behind 300+ UPSC toppers, will get you there in just 2 hours.

Whether it’s lack of awareness, procrastination, or the sheer intimidation of the skill involved, mastering the art of answer writing has always been a roadblock for UPSC aspirants. While most are stuck in a four-year-long loop of trial and error, learning, and re-learning, you don’t have to be.

From level zero to Answer Writing Pro in 2 hrs

Only 100 seats

This is for you if you’re

  • Struggling with UPSC answer writing or have not written a single answer but want to learn how to write IAS Toppers’ level answers.
  • Embarrassed of your UPSC Mains answers writing skills and feel they are pathetic.
  • Too scared of answer writing and have been procrastinating, giving excuses that “I’ll start when I have enough content…” and like that.
  • Someone who wants to learn the skills required for an awesome UPSC answer.
  • In awe of the well-crafted, almost perfect answers by UPSC IAS Toppers.
  • Those who’ve failed in previous attempts due to low marks in Mains.
  • Someone who wants to learn the essential components of a question, various parameters for a great answer, and skills to write any answer.

Learn in 2 Hours What UPSC Toppers Took 2-4 Years to Master!

What Will Be Discussed?

  • Going deeper into the components of a perfect UPSC Mains answer (Other than intro, body, conclusion)
  • Understanding different components of a question (core, non-core part, etc.)
  • Understanding 10 parameters based on which the UPSC examiner evaluates your answers.
  • Developing a framework and structure of an answer based on different types of questions.
  • Sajal sir’s 20 best practices for UPSC Mains answer writing.
  • Demystifying the complexities of tail-words, directives, and more.
  • X-Factor and innovations used by toppers (demonstrating through their answer copies)
  • When to use diagram, flowchart, table and infographics and when not to.
  • Writing a Mains Answer with minimum content and when you are not aware of the topic asked in question.

Implement 80% of the Sajal sir’s best practices and we guarantee you a 430+ Mains score and a Top-100 rank

Transform your UPSC Answer Writing

From embarrassing to IAS toppers’ level Mains Answers

What You Can Expect to Learn?

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll:

  • Feel empowered to tackle ANY UPSC question.
  • Master the art of structured answer writing.
  • Know exactly what UPSC examiners are looking for in your UPSC Mains answers.
  • Leave with proven strategies used by over 400+ top rankers.
  • You’ll become a UPSC Mains answer writing machine.

Years of UPSC Wisdom, Distilled into a 2-Hour Masterclass!

Details of the session

📆 Date: 17th Sept 2023
Time: 5:30 pm
📍 Platform: Zoom (Online)

Session Fee: Rs 2500 Rs 25

The link will be emailed to you.

2 Hours with Sajal sir= 4 Years of UPSC Prep

Stop Procrastinating, Start Excelling in UPSC Answer Writing

Exclusive Giveaways:

  • Comprehensive PDFs of tailwords and directives.
  • Free 1-on-1 mentorship session.
  • Exclusive access to our Unbreakable Mains Telegram group.
  • Sajal Singh sir’s UPSC Mains Toolkit.
  • UPSC Mains Value Addition Material (PDFs).

About Sajal Singh sir:

Meet Sajal Singh sir, Senior Mentor, who has personally mentored over 250+ rankers in UPSC 2022 alone. His time-tested answer-writing techniques have been perfected with 400+ top 200 rankers over the years. You’re learning from the best. Mind you, Sajal sir himself was a UPSC Mains Topper in 2017 when he scored highest in UPSC GS Mains.

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