(Register for recorded video) How to cover Geography, Mapping, and Environment for 120+ score in IAS Prelims 2023-24 | FREE Masterclass by Purnima Ma’am

A high score in Geography and Environment section in UPSC GS Prelims paper is the key to 120+ score.

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Hi friends, if anything, the most important round of the UPSC exam is none other than the Prelims. Because it is such a bloody elimination attack where the dreams of many a IAS aspirants get shattered. 

And the sad news is that 99% of candidates fail not because of knowledge scarcity but because they miss the concept of ‘Pattern Prioritizing’. 

Purnima ma’am will be interacting with you 1-1 in the FREE Masterclass. Scroll for more details.
Geography + Environment + Mapping questions = 35 % of UPSC Prelims paper

As change is the law of nature, UPSC is the most dynamic with its subjective trends. 

According to traditional advice, questions from conventional subjects like History, Politics, Economics, and Geography are fairly straightforward, and a basic conceptual understanding of NCERT should suffice. But still, 1% of candidates can crack the exam.

A high score in Geography and Environment section is the key to 120+ score in UPSC IAS prelims.

CivilsDaily has planned a FREE Masterclass for UPSC Prelims 2023-24 to enable you to secure 35% of IAS Prelims 2023-24 papers with Geography and Environment. This is a must for all the IAS 2023-24 aspirants.

Live Masterclass details: 12th August, 7 pm

What can you expect to learn in this Masterclass?

(You will also be getting CD prelims package and a FREE Mentorship session by Purnima madam’s team)

  • How do develop Mapping skills for UPSC Prelims and Mains? Geography preparation without Map is the worst mistake. But developing mapping skills for not background students is somehow difficult too. So, this issue will be made easy in this masterclass.
  • How to learn geographical locations on the map? Geography is such a subject that let us know which soils refer to what type of climate and natural vegetation. And an IAS aspirant must have a grip on the such a deep concept.
  • Learn to tackle current affairs-based questions. To tackle current affairs charged questions, one must explore the dimensions of the topic in news. For example; Russia- the Ukraine war is in the news, and there may be questions about Ukraine’s geography or Ukraine’s mineral resources or industrial regions, or countries of the Eurasian Union.
  • Previous Year Questions trend analysis and strategy development. The most factual questions are generally asked by the PYQs. One has to look closely. But the data or statements are altered. To tackle such questions, what should be your approach with PYQs will be discussed thoroughly.
  • Anticipating questions in the upcoming exam. When you make your strategy with a senior IAS mentor and subjective expert, you are getting more likely to anticipate which type of questions, we are expecting in our upcoming exam.
  • How to learn, link, and make use of environmental organizations, treaties, meetings, etc.? Again current affairs of the previous 2 years play an important role here. So, what organizations, Etc. are highly important will be discussed.
  • Making notes for Geography and Environment for Prelims and Mains. For better revision and recollecting only exam-oriented information, what is the most effective way of making notes? These pointers will be discussed in this LIVE Masterclass.

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