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Climatic Change


NAPCC: India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change

Launched in 2008, NAPCC pulled together existing national plans on water, renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture etc  into a set of 8 missions. Let's review the performance and recent developments in each of them. 

Communalism, Secularism, Regionalism

Distribution Of Key Natural Resources Across The World

Diversity Of India

Effects Of Globalization On Indian Society

Geographical Features & Their Location


Monsoon Updates

El Niño is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns. Keep up with the latest updates and a comprehensive report on how it affects Indian monsoon.

Modern Indian History

Population & Associated Issues


Poverty & Development Issues

Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Sector Industries In Various Parts Of The World

Role Of Women & Women Organization

Salient features of Indian Society

Salient Features Of World'S Physical Geography

Social Empowerment

Urbanization, Their Problems & Remedies


Urban Transformation – Smart Cities, AMRUT, etc.

A smart city is one that uses information and communication technologies to enhance citizen engagement. It is a neo-vision which seeks to improve the delivery of services in urban areas. The following story maps out the steps being taken by India to explore this concept in practice.

World History


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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch