Refund Policy

Non-eligibility of Refunds

  1. The Registration Fee is non-refundable.
  2. Eligibility for the exam: In case the student finds that he/she is NOT eligible for the exam after subscribing to course material, a refund cannot be issued.
  3. Purchased by mistake: The subscription to our courses is a multi-step process and takes awareness at the student’s end to complete the transaction. Purchasing by mistake is not an eligible criteria for a refund.
  4. Change of Mind/Do not want to prepare anymore: Refunds cannot be issued due to a change of mind regarding the preparation of the exam.
  5. Doesnt meet personal expectations: Refunds cannot be issued if the course doesn’t meet personal expectations. Several top rankers have subscribed to the same courses. Ranker Testimonials, content snippets, and youtube demos are available.
  6. Change of Faculty/Mentor: We have multiple Faculties/Mentors who are rigorously trained in content, delivery and various other frameworks. We try our best that they dont change in the academic year, but in the unlikely scenario that they do, the case doesn’t qualify for refund.
  7. Course Access: If a student has given access to the portal a refund will not be granted regardless of the progress that he/she has made.
  8. Non-utilization of services after you are given access is not a ground for refunds.
  9. Course available at a lesser price: We run discount offers on our courses from time to time, a product available for Rs X today may be available for Rs Y (less than X) at a future date. Refunds, neither complete nor equivalent to the difference in price, cannot be issued in such cases.
  10. Expired Refund Window: Refund requests made after the stipulated refund period, as mentioned in the policy, will not be considered.
  11. Personal reasons like medical issues, and lack of funds at home are not grounds for refunds.

If we are unable to return evaluated copies of submitted answers in the Smash Mains program or MEP within 1 week from the reminder sent by you. In that case, you will be considered at the sole discretion of the management.

Students are requested to go through the details of the offering, visit the sample videos posted on the YouTube channel, and write back with any questions/queries to before joining the program.

Please email, cc: and we will promptly address the issue you face.

All disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Delhi courts.


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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch