New to IAS Preparation? How to start ?

You have taken a very courageous step in your life by deciding to appear in the exam. Here is how you should be going about it.

1. Booklist 

Get the right books –

2. Master Time-table

Prepare a broad-based time-table. Refer to the Master Timetable provided in our Foundation Program below.

3. Course-wise detailed study plans 

How to prepare for Indian Polity – Detailed study plan for UPSC Prelims and Mains

Comprehensive Self Study Plan for Indian History | IAS Prelims & Mains

Comprehensive Self Study Plan for Physical Geography | IAS Prelims & Mains

Comprehensive Self Study Plan for Economics| IAS Prelims & Mains

4. Topper strategies 

Hear what toppers have to say –

Topper Sessions and Testimonials


Once you are on track with respect to the above, you need to be regular with Civilsdaily.

> News

#1. Newscards

– Focus Area: Comprehensive summary of the daily news from sources such as The Hindu, Indian Express, PIB, etc. Newscards are made from relevant news and are presented with only relevant information wrt. Prelims & Mains in the format students are expected to study. 

#2. Daily op-ed snaps

– Focus Areas: Summary of the 2-3 best editorials from sources such as The Hindu, Mint, Indian Express etc. Useful for both Prelims and Mains

#3. Stories ™

– Focus Areas: How do you understand news with context? Stories help you read linked news articles in one go. This way we are able to collect all relevant newscards, op-eds under one topic so that you don’t have to run for research! Also contains CD Explains/ Backgrounders on topics

On theAndroid App (click here) – The orange icons on newscards!

>Daily Prelims Focused Initiatives

#4. Prelims Daily

– Focus Area: Prelims questions based on the previous day’s news to help you test and cement your knowledge. Detailed solutions with tikdams is available after 8 PM on the same thread.

>Static Courses 

#5. Static Course Modules

– Focus Areas: In-depth analysis and write-ups on topics which are needed for a comprehensive Mains preparation. Write-ups range from Static to Dynamic Course. This is the latest offering from Civilsdaily and we are developing all-around courses across the GS Mains syllabus


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