About Civilsdaily

At Civilsdaily, we are on a mission to create the most student-centric platform for UPSC preparation. It is our constant endeavor to transform the entire preparation cycle of students by offering them a conducive ecosystem and distinguished content leveraging on bleeding-edge technologies.

Ultimately, it breaks down into the following –

1. One-on-one guidance
It is amply clear that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to clear the exam. Each and every student has to evolve a unique strategy keeping in mind his/her strengths and weaknesses. Thus one-on-one guidance becomes crucial.
Traditional coaching institutes stack 500 students in a single classroom. Though teachers are available after classes, they are seldom welcoming of doubts let alone understanding the individual needs of students. All this while charging lakhs for the most basic courses.
We, on the other hand, give prime importance to individual interaction. The website, telegram groups, emails, phone calls – we are leveraging every communication channel possible to help our students and guide them better.

2. Lectures that are miles ahead in quality and coverage
Exam trends and patterns suggest that it has become almost impossible to clear the exam with superficial knowledge. Solid concepts and an ability to interlink issues are prerequisites.
That is why our core team doesn’t consist of mere ex-aspirants with limited knowledge of NCERTs. They are mostly post-graduates in their respective fields or have immense knowledge of their subjects with diverse reading. We also engage with scientists, professors and bureaucrats regularly to refine our content and guest lectures.

3. Staying affordable
There are companies that work hard to charge you more, and there are companies that work hard to charge you less. Established offline coaching institutes belong to the 1st category. We, on the other hand, lead the 2nd.
Though we provide a lot of study material for free, we get repeated requests for free programs and video lectures. We want to take a minute to re-iterate that teaching and producing quality material is one of the most challenging tasks. Teachers are required to constantly upgrade their knowledge, think of ways to simplify complex issues, and keep refining their content. That being said, the job of a teacher should be one of the highest-paying jobs(only next to that of a mother or a farmer). Hence, investing in such courses is one of the best investments you can make.



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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch