[Masterclass by IPS, Dr. Amol] How to read newspapers and cover current affairs holistically for UPSC 2023-24 Prelims and Mains? Last chance to register

Block your Thursday (1st September), 2022 | An important Masterclass by IPS, Dr. Amol on how to read newspapers & cover UPSC Current Affairs | Get Samachar Manthan current week’s module for FREE

You have only 24 hours a day and lots of things to prepare for current affairs. Newspapers are the most significant part of your preparation. Considering how much time a person spends studying them, the foremost goal for beginners, or first attempters, should be to clear the Prelims.

UPSC beginners always find it difficult and complain about spending too much time reading newspapers. And this is a genuine concern because if someone spends 4-5 hours in the newspaper, then their problem is justified but not to be ignored. Sadly this happens with aspirants who have attempted UPSC twice thrice as well.

A fundamental problem with Current affairs is the deluge of reading material. Freshers, in their earlier attempts, are tempted to buy Current Affairs material out of whim, in a delusional hope that more current affairs notes = more marks. Their room is filled with CSR, Pratiyogita Darpan, EPW, Chronicle, Yojana, and every random magazine you can name.

Alas! The harsh reality is they buy them out of excitement, keep them safely on their desk, and never reopen them again for lack of time. Such too much material becomes counter-productive. Sheer quantity dominates over quality.

Dr. Amol Murkut, IPS (2020), Super Mentor at CivilsDaily

Acknowledging the need to ensure removing difficulties, the students face, Dr. Amol Murkut, IPS (2020) & Super Mentor at CivilsDaily is going to host an on-demand MASTERCLASS on how to read newspapers and cover UPSC-centric current affairs for Prelims and Mains. So, if you wish to get your name on the 2023 merit list, don’t miss out on this great chance to discuss your queries in a 1-1 session with an IPS officer. 

Points that we will be discussing in the Masterclass on 1st September, (Thursday) at 7 PM.

  1. How to cover current affairs holistically for Prelims, Mains, and Interviews?
  2. Supplementing Newspapers with Magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc, and making notes from them.
  3. How to focus on these:
    • Socio-economic issues like Women issues, Education or Health related issues, Issues or policies affecting vulnerable sections etc.
    • Issues of national and international importance.
    • Political issues related to Indian Constitution, Legislative and Administrative processes.
    • Supreme Court or High Court verdicts.
    • Good analysis of current issues.
    • Parliamentary Debates.
    • Government policies and orders.
  4. How to make 2 paged crisp notes for Prelims and Mains revision and answer writing?
  5. How to collect examples, case studies, and important fodder for Mains answers?
  6. Finishing newspaper within 40 mins max.
  7. How to connect Current Affairs with GS?

Those who understand the exam syllabus and pattern well, have less anxiety but a beginner (due to less understanding of syllabus and pattern) takes enough time to read and prepare.

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