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[Fresh Release] Civilsdaily Android App: Now in Hindi

Hello everyone,

We have been working to get the best news reading experience for you. The working principle at Civilsdaily has been to get the most relevant news summaries and connect them with its historic detail.

Sometime back, we released the hindi module on our website. Hope you have read the blog release and are actively using the hindi tab (Click to know how)

And now, we are releasing the HINDI newscards on the Civilsdaily App. Without further ado, update your app – (Click here to do so)


To make sure that the aspirants of hindi medium are on equal footing we have built the database of news from February 2016 onwards. So go ahead and read the news – bookmark the important ones and revise them offline!

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We sincerely hope that our efforts brings renewed push in your preparations. Never before has news from the HINDU, Indian Express so meticulously translated and monitored for the aspirants of civil services exam (IAS/ UPSC). You will feel the difference in your current affairs awareness as you read through!

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Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Aman Ranjan

    How to read in hindi

  2. lekhraj meena

    i am not find that how i can read article in hindi in the app.


    Dear Team,
    need your help in urgency, actually i am not able to see the app in Hindi language. Basically i am a Hindi medium student, want to read and see the informative news and notes through the application. i have been already updated the application but still the Hindi news are not coming on it. is there any device application problem or probably you have been stopped the Hindi news.
    kindly request you to help me on the same issue asap.
    Thanks & Regards
    Abhishek Sharma

    1. Root


      We understand your situation but we had to discontinue the hindi offerings for internal reasons. We will think strongly on launching it again but it is going to take time.


        Dear Team,
        i am sad to hear this , actually the Hindi application would not only assist us, it will be a key for successful aspirants of Hindi medium also.
        i hope you would come with the best solution as earliest possible.

        with the best wishes !

        Abhishek Sharma


    sir, please post your daily best update news from hindu,indian express,pib,mint etc in hindi language also,i request you ,please sir

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