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Revisiting the Basics

Different Forms of Traditional Theatre in India – Part 1

Traditional theatre forms have definitely been influenced by industrial civilization, industrialization, and urbanization. The socio-cultural aspects of these influences should be carefully studied.

There was a time when Kanpur became the centre of the traditional theatre Nautanki. Artists, dancers and singers produced plays based on local heroes, their popularity and traditional love stories.

In this  2 part series, let’s cover the important forms of theatre in india

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Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Ashish Bende


    I am preparing for CSE – 17, please let me know is there any kind of online course you have for Political Science Optional?.

    Aashish Bende

    1. Bhuvan KR

      I`m writing mains 2016 with Political Science as optional. I hope sharing my strategy will help you.
      – For international news : bbc, gaurdian,, dawn websites/news channel will give you different view points of same news. It is very helpful to draw your conclusions.
      – Reports form Law commission ( law commission website)
      – Websites like theDiplomat, IDSA, PSR will help you in ananlysis of important news
      – News papers like The Hindu, PIB, UN Daily news (cover based on how much time you have)

      My preparation include nearly 90% online and 10% traditional books (DD Basu, Gauba, and some other books)

      Suggestion: Always go for official website. Do not spend much time in website dedicated for civil preparation, you get both good and bad information in such websites, but mostly half baked information.

      All the best

  2. satish kola

    Very useful notes thank u so much .

  3. saran vs

    Thank you sir

  4. Shubh Yadav

    thank u sir very much ,indeed it is a great effort put up by u and ur team to justify ur role of maker of future civil servants.

    1. Root

      Thanks for the wonderful words Shubh. Do spread the word about the FREE app and web products so that more aspirants can benefit!

  5. prathyusha sai

    general mental ability ,sir.

  6. Ganesh Kumaran

    Thank you sir.It is very useful.

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