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Why you should not join Civil Services (IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or like) in India?

Most people join IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS or other civil services in India without knowing the full facts. You already know why you should join civil services. Yet most of you may not be aware of the negative sides of the civil services, which you will realize soon after you join. It is only fair that you should have the complete picture before you take a decision about your career.

Let me explain now why you should not join Civil Services in India.

1: No Recognition for Excellence

All civil servants get their promotions based on their seniority. Your destiny is fixed by your UPSC rank and what you do in next 30-38 years is hardly of any consequence as far as your career is concerned. Initially, when brilliant students join civil services, they work very hard to deliver results and change the system. However, soon they realize that there are several colleagues, who don’t work even half and get all the (legal) benefits as them. They also realize that the more you work, the more chances of you committing a mistake and more chances of punishment. Hence gradually they too become slow and practical.  I quote following lines which are quite popular among civil servants.

Bane Raho Pagla, Kam Karega Agla

Raho Hamesha Cool, Salary Paoge Full

Mat Lo Tension, Nahi to Family payegi Pension

(English translation)

(Pretend to be fool, your successor shall do the work

Always Remain Cool, You get full salary

Don’t take tension, Else your family will get pension)

2: Corruption

It is a fact that many people are attracted towards civil services due to the tales of corruption. They know some officers or they have heard about some officers who have made millions. They join the civil services to make lot of money illegally thinking that it is easy to do so. When they join these services, they discover that no money is available for the post. They have to do some illegal activity or allow the illegal things to go on to make money. When you do any illegal act, there is always a risk of getting caught even after you have demitted the office. Your reputation is 100% spoiled even if you are not caught. Even when you have somehow made a lot of illegal money, you don’t know how you use that money for you. You can’t build any asset or buy new cars and live the life of luxury, because you may face vigilance action or face CBI or Income Tax raid at your house, which can spoil your career forever. You may even end up in jail. Every year, dozens of top civil servants are arrested and put behind the bar. Hence, you can’t sleep properly once you have accumulated lots of ill-gotten money. You may also suffer many illnesses due to the mental tensions. Once you start doing illegal activities, you can never go back to your honest life because you will always be blackmailed by your superiors and juniors who know where you committed the illegal acts. Corruption is one way traffic, with no U-turn.

3: Frequent Transfers

People join civil services to occupy the prominent positions like DM, SP or Commissioners. They get all their recognition, perks and privileges (legal as well as illegal) only on these posts. However, they don’t know how long they can continue in these postings. I was posted on election duty in Paudi (Garhwal) in 2007. Among the other election observers was a lady IAS officer, whose husband was also an IAS officer of the same batch. Presently both husband and wife were in central deputation in Delhi. She told me that in last 14-15 years, she and her husband were never posted in the same station. They used to meet only when a meeting is called by the Commissioner or CM. Only when they came to Central Deputation, they are staying together. In Paudi I found that the DM and Commissioner were staying alone in their big-bungalows and their families were in Dehradun. Even SP and SDM were staying alone since their spouses were in IAS/IPS and they were posted in different stations. You must be ready to live alone, if you choose All India Services.

4: Frustration of Joining Central Services

I have already explained the problems of IAS and IPS. So you may be thinking that why not join IFS, IRS or other Central Services where you don’t have these problems of transfer/posting. You are right. Central services provide you best family lives but they don’t satisfy most people. Most people write civil services again and again to join IAS. I know a few people who got into IAS after 4-6 years of working in their other jobs as IPS, IRS etc. It is because, the type of recognition an IAS or IPS gets at such young age is unparallel in other services. They get the big bungalows, red-light cars and uniformed guards which are not available to other services. But once you join IAS, IPS, you face different types of problems.

5: Political Interference

Who does not know about political interference in India, particularly in IAS and IPS? Most of these officers have to have political godfathers. The politicians use them to get their work done and the officers use them to get their postings and also protect them in case of any problems.  Often you have to do illegal things to keep the bosses and politicians happy and thus you get trapped forever in their clutches. You can neither leave them nor live with them. There may not be much political interference in Central Services, but then they are also not helped by politicians when they need them.

6: Promotion or Demotion

While in other jobs, you gain importance as you get more and more experience. Unfortunately, it is just opposite in IAS, IPS. You are the most important person when you are SP or DM. Even the CM is directly in touch with you. This happens within just 3-5 years of your joining the cadre after training. However, as you get promoted to DIG, IG or Commissioner/Secretary, your importance declines. There are several dozen IG, ADG and even DG sitting in the state capital, and no one knows them. The IAS officers also become just a glorified babu when they become secretaries after promotion. Most people don’t even know that such posts exist in their cadre. The situation is different in Central Services where your importance rises with every promotion. But then central service officer don’t ever have that level of social adulation.

7: Poor Salaries

While the starting salaries of a civil servant are decent (around Rs 50,000), his growth of salary is just @ 3% per annum (plus the Dearness Allowance). The salary of the Chief Secretary is hardly Rs 1,80,000 pm (or Rs 1,35,000 after tax). The ratio of the peak salary to staring salary of an IAS officer is just four times. However, the story is quite different in corporate. For example, the Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka has been given an annual salary of USD5.08 million (over Rs. 30 crore) and USD2 million in stock options. Since the entry level salary of Infosys is around 3 lakhs per annum, the top man is paid more than 1000 times more salary than the entry level employee. In most of the corporate, the ratio is more than 100 times.

 No honest civil servant can ever afford to buy a decent house in a good locality in any Metropolitan city. The low salaries were earlier compensated by the liberal pension given by the Government which used to be revised after every pay commission. However, once the pension benefit is stopped, you don’t have  a back-up support after your retirement.

8: Long and Hard Preparation

While most people think that they can get into their choice service in their first attempt, the reality is quite different. The average age of IAS and other service is around 27-28 years. This means that an average entrant of a CSE spend around 6-7 years after his graduation to get into civil services. Still only 1 in 500 is able to get into Civil Services and 1 in 5000 gets into IAS (proper). Even most people, who are in IAS, fail to get the cadre of choice and 25% end up in cadres which they hate to go.

9: Poor Family Life

While the family life of central service officers like IRS may be normal, the life of IAS and IPS are quite challenging in the initial years when you are heading a district. Most of the districts in India are quite backwards with hardly a decent school for your children. You are working 12 hours a day and hardly have any time for family. You also make so many enemies, if you an honest officer and you family is always fearing about your safety and of their own.

10: Diminishing Social Relevance

In the pre-liberalized era, government officers were looked as the Mai-Baap for a common citizen of India. Their salaries were comparable with private sectors but their perks were far superior. They were playing leading roles in social development. Today, most of the space is filled with private sectors. Our Honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi once said, “I believe government has no business to do business. The focus should be on Minimum Government but Maximum Governance.”  Today a company like Infosys or TCS provides around 40000-50000 jobs each year while UPSC and PSC put together don’t appoint as many people.  The personal wealth of Mukesh Ambani is $20.8 billion (Rs 137280 Crores) which is more than the total tax collection of several states in a year. The value of top 10 companies in India is more than the total revenue of the Government of India and all State Governments put together. The Tata group alone has market capitalization of Rs 7,00,000 crores. It is also a fact that most Indians don’t like civil servants, who are perceived to be inefficient and corrupt. They are seen as hindrance to the growth of India rather than an instrument of growth.

PS: The purpose of this article is not to discourage to join Civil Services but to have the full picture of the civil services by highlighting the negative side of civil services which are hardly known to most of the entrants.

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This article was written by Awdhesh Singh, an IRS officer with the GOI. Ref: Quora

Questions, suggestions and comments

  1. Kannan Venkat

    very informative article. i was planning to ask my son to try for ias/ips/ irs…but after reading this article, i am definitely not going to ask him go anywhere near these jobs. the salary they are giving is plain shitty…wont cover any emergency medical expenses( if you are an honest officer..what the fuck you can do in a monthly salary of rs 70,000). now i know why 99% govt officers are corrupt.

  2. Uncle Sam

    I had crush too on UPSC when doing college, but life had differnet issues and moved to a developed county. I started to look here the similar kind of exam like UPSC and guess what, found nothing. I thoght how country can run without intelligent people like IAS/IPS and no such selection here. Gradually, I understood that people here get top notch positions by their education background, loyalty and years of extra ordinary services. Exceptional output when you see never cracking roads, streetlights everywhere and all working, nicely cut grass throughout country, exeptional Medical service, no metal bars in banks etc.

    One day I came to India for a paper work and met to a collector (IAS) in collector kacheri and he said that BECAUSE WE FOLLOW NOW AMERICAN SYSTEM, IT WOULD TAKE ABOUT A MONTH. Now, IAS/IPSs have lost their respect to me.

    Go for civil service if you are patriot and truly a chandrakala or a Sagayam or please, mess with you family not the country, you are intelligent that does not give you a certificate of fucking country by taking civil services.

  3. Vijender Singh

    show off govt officer’s is the main reason of unemployment in india, that why lakhs of student appear to civil and other govt exam , for powe and show off in society, nothing else. They are not interesting in work on the based of their skill and choice, because of they have superioity complex to became officer and show off in society

  4. Vijender Singh

    truly said, minimum government and maximum goverance should be there. For last 60 year, more politics taken place by congress , Govt servant just think that they are getting salary and if will not work, they wil get ti, so no need to worry for next 25 year of life, Secondly they misuse of power and show off in public bring unemployment because young student are keen to join civil service for power only , not social service

  5. shekhar6308

    Ha ha ha hypothetical question no job in the world without risk read poem risk by Janet Rand
    Every one knows no one become Vishal sikka by cracking ias it’s different field if u only want money and fame then go to iit and get placed in MNC that hire u for their country and then u can criticize like others who outsourced from here

  6. Rushikesh Bhise

    Dear sir problem are in all time with when we are in civil service or any job do in our life but face the proble is greatness of great people and also leader do not think about rank or promotion .he do the work with honestly and happly . every think has two phase good or bad .but when we have do great strugle then get we get great sucsses . Therefore don’t thing about ngative

  7. Sandeep Das

    I don’t know why some people are saying things like you can’t change the system. To them if you don’t think of changing it then you are just waiting for being a victim of these corruptions. As for the people who are unhappy with their salary, civil services are not for luxury. It’s a duty and a fight. People who are passionate about it only they should join it. Just because you can crack the exam doesn’t mean you are worth it. So please stay away from CS. If ppl like you stop joining civil services I’m sure we can have far better civil servants in future. If you don’t even try to change the corruption then one day you might just end up as a victim. It’s a sad truth that our law system was made with lots of flaws. But let’s try to change that. So don’t even dare to discourage people who are trying to do that. If you can’t help then shut your mouth up. You are nothing but a piece of garbage if think these good people are trying in vain. Once education system progresses more then more truely quality people will join these services. So the people who are corrupted will be replaced. It’s a matter of time. Until then let these good people who are willing to take the step move forward. I’m preparing too. Let’s try to make the change. For the garbages who are shouting ” kuch nehi karpayega…”, stop barking. So let’s take the challenge all together all the good people. There will be storms but we will overcome them.

    1. S R Kiran

      How frivolously you call the author a “garbage”, when you are one yourself. If you were a serious meticulous civil service aspirant, you would not have vomited these unedifying statements by merely glancing the bits and pieces of the article. A true civil servant (for that matter, the aspirant himself) should discharge his duties dispassionately without giving any regard to the external distractions and personal exigencies. When you unleash blatant admonition on the respected author for his valuable experience narrative, you are yourself exposing the chinks in your armour, which is quite unbecoming of you even as a petty aspirant. You are kindly requested to go through the fundamental duties and responsibilities of a civil servant, before calling out for “change”.

    2. Nisha Garg

      mr. sandeep i am agree with u. i also want IAS. but my parents thinking is also like that person and they don’t want to listen me. they said u don’t know about worldness. this is hindustan. it can’t be change. everyone says politics is wrong thing but nobody want to take responsibility. har koi chahta hai ki jhansi ki rani toh pedha ho pr hmare ghar me na ho. how i can get understand to parents this is our responsibility. koi pakistan wala aakar india me sudhar nhi karega. we have to do it. but they said there is no place for honest persons in politics.

  8. Sparsh Tyagi

    Many are oblivious of the fact about the author of the article.Let me throw some light on that.
    In case you forgot to see,the article is written by Mr. Awdhesh Singh. A brief intro about him-Dr. Awdhesh Singh is an officer of the 1990 Batch of Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) and presently posed in Chennai as Additional Director General, Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence. He did his B Tech from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, M Tech from IIT Delhi and PhD from ABV- Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management ( IIITM) Gwalior.
    So he knows enough about the service than most of us right now.And that is precisely why this article was posted,to filter out the real aspirants,who despite knowing the realities of the service are ready to take the plunge into it.These kind of people are exactly who can survive the service,because they are there not because of the benefits it provides,but because of a true sense of dedication to their job.
    This article was not to discourage anyone.It was simply a challenge thrown at an aspirant who wants to take the leap even after knowing what he’s getting into or backs off.

  9. harsh kumarf

    everyone preparing for upsc has to remember its not a job but its a service ,,, we will get disappointments and our life might also change but always remember your goal as to why you have opted for this service ,,, preparation of upsc examination is the first step ,, the real journey starts after that


    provides good reasons for those looking to quit, n give him/herself a justification for it! but didn’t expect this post on this site!

  11. Anand Chaluvaraju

    I am sure that the author of this report has failed in all of his attempts.We can prepare in 1-1.5 years and clear this exam.Not everyone can become CEO of a MNC company like the author.

    1. ravinder sangwan

      hahahaaa haan bhai uss failure ka naam hai Awdhesh Singh, Director Author, IITian, former IRS (C&CE) officer ,,,,look before you leap and think before you speak pe thoda dyan do,,,,izzat bach jaati hahahahaaa


      Sahi hi toh likha he…..

  12. anshul panwar

    yaar yeh websites views pane ke liye kuch bhi article paste karti hai, isi se pata chalta hai ki yeh genuine ya nhi , controversial article paste kro aur bas aspirants hain khali peeli apna views dene ke liye

  13. Nitesh Jha

    it is all about the way we go about our business, we can never get satisfied with what we achieve at the end of the day .we should not compare people involved in various professions and activities .each and every job has pros and cons whether it be govt or pvt. if everyone starts comparing with each other then no one is going to perform his duty and he will not find himself equal to others reading the above article i am thinking to become president of america because that will satisfy me more than anything else we just need to perform our duty honestly and leave rest of the things on our destiny we should not discourage anyone like putting these meaningless articles

    1. Vijender Singh

      truly said every rank or employee if do his duty honestly, than no problem will be in system of govt and politics

  14. A.Patil

    I am also class A officer in central government.

    I worked in private for 4 years & now 5 year in central government as Class A officer.

    Whatever author mentioned in above article is truth or Fact !!! I am totally agree with author.

    1)No recognition for excellence : This is Cadre service means every 3 years normally u get promotion.if u work less or more , normally everyone get promotion.Normally In any private job u work under at least qualified person but IAS officer have to work under illiterate politician….

    2) Corruption = I think 90 % or more officer are corrupted …..Initially they work 1-2 year u work hard but after 2-3 year” Deshprem ” khatam ho jata hain….Because system is very very worst… Literally some public do Corruption liquid soap which is kept in toilet or bathroom.

    If u feel guilty when u do some wrong things or u do small amount corruption…then don’t join IAS .

    Normally maximum young people or student , they feel that he will not bribe from anyone …But this is false statement …They feel that they will not take ….I will challenge everyone those work as IAS office ….99% IAS has taken bribe ….May be in term of land or cash or may be expensive gift…..

    Because if u see the salary of IAS office 50 k joining …Now it is 76k (7th pay commision)around on joining…..But if u r taking government home then it is 55 k in hand ……If ur parent depending upon u…Then this salary is nothing…..U cant enjoy ur life in 55 k ….U will get only 3 % increment of basic that is 0.03 * 21300 =around 650 n after 7th pay 0.03*57000= around 1550 per month…….

    When I was in private my salary was my motivation .n job profile also was good.
    But in government u have to be alert .If u do single mistake u have to pay for it. Nowadays every one is alert .

    3 ) frequent transfer = This is very terrible for any government first posting was in Delhi ….Then posted after 2.5 years in Mumbai…Next will be Chennai or Kolkata…I am frusted with transfer .Without reason u get transfer….If u do any good work people then u will get transfer…U will get order …Within 10 days u have to leave city…New city…New languages …….If u r married ..They u face more problems….Now I am trying to job which should be in my state.

    4)political inference is very high…U have work with considering them …Otherwise u will get transfer or may face other problem….

    5) poor salary = according 7th pay commision

    Total salary in hand = 76000/-
    If u r staying in quarter = 57000 with all reduction
    Medical facility = worst….CGHS facility….Only 20 hospitals in Mumbai…U have to take lot of permission ….Not single good hospitals….I have done appendix operation it had required me 45000/- …Office has provided 15000/-…..So I have opened private medical policy …..

    Term insurance for class A= 50 lacs ( 7th pay commision)

    Now there is no old pension……New pension schemes is applicable for private job people also….

    So there only one difference that is job security and u will tell to people that I am Class 1 or IAS… But according to me that is not sufficient….

    Now after 5 years I am feeling that I should have in private or I am thinking to leave as my basic expenses are more ( as we are total 5 person in family ) & I can’t do any corruption ….Those want very simple life…..Means khavo pivo….Then it’s OK……U can’t send ur child to best school in that city with this salary……Difficult life……But u can see some or max gov.officer has lot of property or land …Number of flats in city ..All r corrupted or there r already rich…….


    I agree with this post…This is for those who misunderstand the benefits of becoming a civil servant…Sometimes being over-ambitious is immaturity!


      After reading this post only…and accepting it,one can decide whether he/she wants to go for it or not!


    Jindagi hai to kuch na kuch to laga rahega na yaar!
    Koun si jagah 100% safe ya unsafe hai?
    New Delhi(Metropoliton) me posting ho to nuclear attack hone ka khatra hai!
    Naxal affected jagah me uthaye jane ka khatra hai!
    Koi nai ji!saath me private guards bhi rakh lenge!

  17. C. Anwesha

    job are not for only money or for any passion or for any rank.before making a carrier in certain region, it is only due to our own interest. the person who love his or her own job they manage their own problem with their own patient with lots of care because he or she is the only reason who had choose the job for its own.
    we never should compare money ,passion or any thing else with our own decided carrier, because we work a lot on that carrier as we our-self wanted to be a holder on the job which we had chosen for our own feature.!!

    1. Vijender Singh

      truly said, but in india youngster are keen to show off , like akshay kumar son said he want to became painter in career, actor said he has no proble, u r interest and u r skill

  18. Maxi Pamei

    Appreciate this write up to know the pros and cons of joining the services.. However, I am more motivated to join and take up the challenge of contributing to transform such a corrupted system to make life better..


      Kuch na karpayega bhai…. Transform ki jagah transfer order hoga hath me…,. Reel life singham aur real life singham bahut fark hoga….
      Join hone se pehle sab ase hin Bolte…. Transform…,,. Baad me ho jata he… Transfer ka confirmation….

  19. Nikhil Raj B R

    Its not true that every person wil join for corruption..there are many officers who are working for development..what u mentiond is fact..but not totaly

  20. southcomet

    Which Indian company or mnc will give pension for life after retirement depending on grade after your productive years. In this global economic turbulent times, who would not want such a assured sum in their sunset years. Just for this alone, one can think of civil services or any psu jobs. Worth it even if you voluntarily retire early. What you will get pension in private is a minuscle amount may be one tenth. Sorry for highlighting the money part alone.

  21. Arvind Saxena

    Very truthful article on Civil services..

  22. agnibha roy

    And finally i will say that I don’t know whether I can become a civil servant or not but I will always have a great respect for these service and for those civil servants

  23. agnibha roy

    But I agree on one thing that u don’t need to become a civil servant to work for your country. Whatever u r doing just do it honestly ,it doesn’t matter how small it is, u r working for your country

    1. devender sehrawat

      I think you need to study a bit to find the history of this system and when you do , you will find how horrible this system is that was made by Britishers and remains unaltered till date. The people who actually do the work are not civil servants and they get no credit, promotions or perks. Please watch Satyamev jayate on police personnel as an example and I’ll be interested to know if you still respect them.

  24. agnibha roy

    Another person told me that I not aware of fact . He may be true but there r many officers in service whose parents were ex IAS or IPS . so why they join the same service if it is so bad?

  25. agnibha roy

    It is too important to know the full knowledge about something whether it is good or bad but trust me I have shown the article to a senior IAS officer and he told me that nothing like this is going to happen

  26. agnibha roy

    I don’t agree with all these and whoever told me that I am in hallucination, the person is wrong because this not a hallucination. This is my love for civil service. Every service whether is govt. Or non govt. has its dark side as well as its bright side now it varies from person to person whether he wants to promote the dark one or want to glorify the bright one

  27. Dipak M. Adhao

    Overall conditions mentioned in article are true..but I m not agree with some points in article…bcz some true loved and self inspired candidates are join CIVIL SERVICE for changing present situation such as corruption and working manner in government offices…I just say…I WANT TO CHANGE IN MY COUNTRY SITUATION AND PLACE IN WORLD..AND FOR THAT DEFINITELY I SHALL TRY MY BEST SHOT…””” I AM THAT CHANGE “””

    JAY HIND..!!


      Bhai kuch bhi nahi badalpayega…. Bhai Gandhi ji nahin badle ye…. Log kese badaljayenge…. Gandhi ko badlo…

  28. Sanjeev Dewalwar

    Most of the points are correct … although many would agree differ in degree ! the most relevant point is the salary structure . Independent India has retained the Colonial salary structure (peanuts) which the British had created to make Indian Babus they could not afford to bring administrators from England who would demand huge payments … At the same time the British winked at the corruption of Indian Babus . this was because they were least worried about he Indian people !

  29. Jatin Kundra

    Good attempt to realize that what’s d real face of IAS job……i think if really want to do for nation just try one attempt in IAS if u able to crack then its good else move ahead by providing a different taste to public by teaching opening NGOs……time never come back so use it properly for nation

  30. Dilipreddy Lingala

    Ofcourse it may be true if we think in one side…if we really committed to public service these problems may not be the great hurdles.

  31. Akash Jha

    Being IAS/IPS U/I can change a life of lot of people is the most Hippocratic line ever…if it is true then why the hell people living in poverty after 70 years, why they have to take dead body of their beloved one on their shoulder like luggage… shame on U… better do something which can create jobs for people. People can only help people dont be dependent on govt and officers.
    IAS/IPS as high profile job is legacy of british, which is used to have all administrative powers on which poor/uneducated people depend on for welfare and taxes. Still only poor and uneducated people treat them as like Godfather but rest use them as pawn who has label of Public servant. Among thousands of Hippocrates who study by saying “i want to Serve the Nation” very few which stick to it and rest got corrupt. i have seen how they make deals with politicians, how they deprive poor’s and uneducated , how politicians treat them like labour and abuse them. Wake up guys, dont waste your life in this IAS shiitt where you can do 1% from you side, better do something on own where u can give 99% from ur side. IAS/IPS can not create jobs, its least input to output ratio jobs, its waste of potential. Government should openly say to do something else not UPSC.
    Open NGO to teach children who deprived of education or something else, india dont have just few problems you can just pick one and work towards it. Kejriwal, roman saini are best examples, cause they realized you can not do much out of blue in defined framework. I have much more respect for Teacher and may be ZERO for IAS..
    Dont go for this “Synthetically made Status ” job…as most of go due to so called hight status in society, instead waste that much time for thinking new idea which will benefit people directly or indirectly…Govt or Officers cant improve life of people , its directly someone who create job for them which leads to their upliftment. Giving food in cheap rates by Govt to poor or ensuring it is reach to poor(Job of officer) dont uplift poor , it just a method to ensure needy/poors are alive..
    As said by someone here.. India dont need officers, we dont have shortage of it, they will come and go we need New kind of service to nation. Passing UPSC does not mean u did out of the blue. you passed cause u study for it, may be TATA,Birlas could have if they study for it .
    thing is million of youth wasting time in this for years which is really sad..
    Or their should be only 1-2 attempts. So who wants to serve nation will get passed by studying hard. Govt will also get bureocrat’s and time of rest will be saved. Need to stop project UPSC as status of tailent.

    1. Vijender Singh

      dear it is a pyhsco of power and show off in society among youngster, nothing else. No one serve nation , just they do their work from 9 to 5 pm and get back home. I appreciate private sector who is creating job and offering to every poor and middle and upper with dignity and on the base of talent and removing poverty by providing jobs

    2. arpit singh

      We need a money for NGO also…..who can provide us money.we earn money only by job

    3. Dalip Kumar

      I am really very inspired by your statement and a lot of questions have aroused in me, one of them is that to create new jobs for helping people we require a lot of money for which we need to work and enter such services or there’s some other way in which we can chase our interest and fo good in it and then fulfill our main motive..?

    4. Pankaj Kumar Pathak

      Agreed Bro..hard lines yet true.. I have the same notion for UPSC ..

  32. Vijaygad

    I am a civil service aspirant, 2 attempts, (once mains exam).. while studying got knowledge of something about everything almost, parallel one thought come out of my mind after long reading and practicals , why am i studying? for people ? and really how, is their are lack of officers? ..NOO! then why? will i be the most honest and hard working officer for people.? may be some will be better than me…How many IAS officer i know apart from who makes new? I even dont know who is DM of my distrcit right now? Is they do really served people ? cause my district may be worst district i have ever seen from my childhood, how become my district as it is as 20 years ago, same for neighbor district. Is because due to corrupt officers , but in 20 years we cant say every one was corrupt. I never seen any visible work come out of DM office other than Caste Certificates.

    So do really india need me as officer??(U may be take it as negative thinking of me due to unable to make through mains) but i studied for it day and night so it is not biased?? So thought came out of mind was, what India really needs at this stage?? lacks of demography dividend studying for Civil services to become officer with Label of Public servant and Status among around peoples or Entrepreneurs who can open new small doors for country, people etc by new Idea, technology, efficiency and of course the most important is new jobs and inspire other to do so may be exponentially….

    I decided to become Entrepreneur, as govt also supporting it by various schemes and financing agencies , its right time to take off with new technology and efficient ideas. Its also possibility you may fail at first but it will become new bench mark to take off. You will also find new people which may be interested in you idea and ready to work with you. One can take negatively what i said, but its what really india needs now..not officers,
    its time to create awareness among student who studying for years to take secure job and status in any kind of civil service. Generally student from middle class prefer this jobs like “I”was. As india has large number of middle class, focus of these should divert more towards new ideas and innovation and research to use their potential. Its also true IAS/IPS etc. are most hyped job in india which need to be change
    But i would like to say one thing to everyone i meet, you go for civil services or not but should study for it like serious candidate for year or less parallelly with other work, it will give you immense knowledge surely will helpful in future.
    Looking forward to seminar by India’s top businessman on Entrepreneurship arranged interestingly by Govt. Thank you .. Hope this will help someone to choose what is best for him/her

    1. arpit singh

      Why are not trying to give third attempt.? Don’t give up Yr.If u really want to serve the nation and do something good to society plz try once more…

    2. Pankaj Kumar Pathak

      @Vijay.. Absolutely right.. creating jobs will eradicate most of the problems of society which an administrator can’t think about..

      1. Dalip Kumar

        Then For creating jobs, what should be our career?

  33. agnibha roy

    The writer seems to be a frustrated man and this frustration is very natural specially when someone works hard to get civil service for several years but still couldn’t make it to IAS or IPS . God bless him

    1. Dada Adhikari

      I pity your ignorance..You have no ground level idea, just speaking over the top. The author is a senior civil servant IRS, way more dignified than the dog’s life IAS and IPS have to live every day.It is the idiotic ignorant aspirants who keep parroting IAS IPS without knowing anything in reality..He is not a frustrated man just humbly underlying himself. Ask Ashok Khemka and you will forget all talk of this aspirant level enthusiasm of changing the nation wala shit.

    2. arpit singh

      Very true….

    3. Pankaj Kumar Pathak

      Hello dear.. don’t know whether u r into govt job..but it is sure that u r not through upsc..Keep itself always behind the charm..god bless u in getting through IAS..

      1. Dada Adhikari

        If you are talking about the author then you are the biggest fool I have ever come across, the author is an IRS and very much from UPSC. If you are an aspirant and don’t know even this much about how our civil services are structured, God help you.

    4. Amit Kumar

      no….this answer on quora was written by Mr. Awadesh Singh who is a very senior IRS officer. This is the reality which he has written. You maybe living in some kind of hallucination till now and attracted to Civil Services without knowing the proper facts.

      1. arpit singh

        I think then all the IAS and IPS are of no use .If there are no problems and challenges then what is the use of living life.

        1. devender sehrawat

          If you truly want a challenging job, try journalism. That is going against the grain in real sense. Agreeing to authority is safe. And before you jump and say journalism is sold out , there are still honest ones out there.
          As far as people who prepare for this exam are concerned , they work hard, really hard but once they get in the system , it is then they come to terms with reality. People are not the problem, system is still rotten fro mBritishers era. Good luck trying to ‘serve’ the nation by the system that was made to exploit the nation.

  34. Ramesh Gandhi

    “Power flaunt karo aur khoob paisa banao”- punchline for civil servant. My question is “do civil servants really serve the nation?”. What I believe is; the nation is suffering only because of civil servants and their will to work. They know how to use rhetorics only because they have crammed books but in reality they don’t know anything at all. They are the real oppressors of poor, the reason why biz doe not grow. I really respect people who willingly are changing the lives of the people. Example Super 30. You don’t have to be a civil servant to serve the nation.

  35. Dipanshu Srivastav

    I recently resigned from my job as IT Professional just because of UPSC Preparation. I believe, being a civil servant means to serve the nation without expecting handsome salary or perks. There is no job, no life without difficulties and challenges. If you are an honest, brave and clever IAS/IPS officer, you can definitely change the system. I saw many brave and intelligent officers in my district Deoria (U.P.) who served people without any political pressure and people became angry and were very sad when they were transferred to another district. Politicians or Minister can only make transfer orders of honest officers, they can’t take their habit of doing good work at ground level or listening to people instead of goons, criminals(Politicians). Honest IAS/IPS officers do what they want to do, no matter what comes as results(Transfer/Suspension/Demotion). They think for poor people, they listen to them and work for them instead of politicians. People need to support honest officers instead of corrupt politicians to make Political Interference free Civil Services. Thanks!

    1. Ramesh Gandhi

      You don’t have to be a civil servant to serve the nation. Ex Arvind Kumar of Super 30. Its cliche that u r using my friend. What u really want is power to flaunt and amass wealth at the cost of poor and innocent people.

      1. Dada Adhikari

        Totally agree…On the face of it such comments look so immature.

      2. Sorcerer_Supreme

        You don’t have to be a Donald Trump to be a complete douchebag.

        1. Ias Bharat Sarkar

          Hahaha. Was that sarcasm? 😉

        2. Vmlprzd

          I hope you should mention him as “the North American” douchebag rather than the “Contraception” meaning…. 😀

  36. Arun mohan

    It is very true and tranperant article,including the time it takes for everyone to become one of civil servants.Any how it is also a wish for ever citizen to be part of the nation’s great post.govt should provide support to all citizens as some are quick learners and some are slow learners
    We as citizens should get confidence that no one ia let down and govt will provide help to all and believe that all are watched by govt bodies in protecting the country

  37. Sachin Sharma

    The poor salary point is wrong. According to 7th pay commission, the salary of an IAS officer in initial year is Rs. 100000. For salary of other grades refer this

    1. Shashank Gupta


    2. Pankaj Kumar Pathak

      Sachin bro..the ratio level in corporates is very high..

  38. Naresh Chandra

    Some parts of your article is pretty much true one has to admit that. Though the role of the Civil servants plays very vital in our society in making key decisions. I came to know about CSE an year before started preparing for the exam though If I dont clear I will never regret the knowledge which we get by preparing these exams is very vast, You can deal things socially, economically, constitutional knowledge, International knowledge, geographical. Thats the beauty of CSE.

    We have seen so many officials who are honest as well as corrupted, I personally feel civil servants now are not being a part of key policy decisions which government orders. There are some occasions where the officers were threatened by local leaders.

    One best thing about civil services if you are honest you will be recognised for sure in your service directly or indirectly. If you are in district level officer you can directly interact with public and help as many people directly (I don’t know how it works in Real time), as well as they have an opportunity to change the people’s life as well as society however if we are in private sector though we can help however we cant make poor people life better.

    When it comes to the payout civil servants will get extra perks compared to normal corporate employee. A bunglow, car, servants e.t.c. However I been in corporate sector quite few my monthly average income is 40K, I’lll have to pay rent, travel allowance though these are part of my compensation fitment. As per 7th pay commission government sector employees also have equal pay compared to private sector.

    In this competitive world sustaining in private is not east there is no job security, if the organisation is not making profits the cost cutting will happen directly or indirectly which may impact our income or job.

  39. Pranav Prasun

    Hey, I understand that it is always good to be sensible and keep whole picture in mind before opting for these services. Thanks for your perspective/points for IAS,IPS and other central services. It was good. But I would like to mention few of mine as well 🙂

    Firstly do not compare it with the job at MNCs / software. Preparing for these jobs and applying or getting into these is far easy (job portals and cheap negotiations with HR), and working here is far easy than doing same for IAS. Even while preparing for IAS one feels the fun. Its like our senses are opening up and we are becoming more aware of everything around us (economically, politically,socially,environmentally, and globally) – India, its system, people, past trends, challenges and accurate real solutions for it. One feels exact points where even a signature as an IAS can change thousands of lives whereas coding for hours together at max brings only client delight, or maybe 1-2k extra per month. How many ways does a CEO of a company can work to bring that change which a DM/secretary can do in the life of a common poor man ?
    “IAS is a service, MNCs offer jobs.”

    Secondly, about political friction. You know what if one needs to clean the pit, one has to go into it. No one questions me if I sweep my house floor in my home. But definitely when the position, power and responsibility increases, the difficulties also do. You know what if you ask a poor man in village about the taxation/economic terms like deficits and fund misappropriation, he will not understand at all. He may not understand what excuses high babus give. & if you ask top politicians/high level people of Planning/finance commission if they can feel the pain of that common poor man, u know they cannot have that reach. Only an IAS / DM can bridge this gap which even a PM cannot 🙂

    Thirdly, about salary. So after the seventh pay commission even IIMA in report has agreed it is on par with the private ones. Actually the corporates will get good CTC but they will have to pay for all these facilities including house(if bangalow will need at least 25k), office travel, telephone,electricity bills, +medical facility (generally corporate insurances comes with co-payment and complex negotiations with TPAs) + congestion in trains/flights(no VIP quota) etc. All these facilities are provided in these services with ease. If you include these definitely the joining salary into IAS will surpass 1 L which is much more than the counterpart in private company. Morever these “additional facilities” are not taxed(though nominal rent is paid) but the “more income” of corporates are definitely taxable(except for 80C,80D etc exemptions). It comes as a perk. Just gave examples, there are many more facilities which we know.

    you know before becoming a DM, an IAS functions as the CDO (chief development officer) which is working like the CEO of all developement activities in the district. Also afterwards he/she can also function as the heads of PSUs. Apart from additional PSU facilities, it like working as a CEO/MD of the PSU. Doesn`t it offer sufficient space and platform to function like private counterparts !!!?

    Fifthly, about social life. I would not comment on that. How about the social life of employees who work in MNCs every day seen in buses/locals with a ID tag and a laptop bag in hand having office working hours of 12-14. Even as an entrant into the private company, you are put under so much of pressures. It is an all round problem of work stress and depression cases in private companies in metros, which we all know. Then how much more pressure do the CEOs have to handle, we can very well imagine.
    Definitely we need give lot of time and effort as a SDM/DM as well put is it not something expected from us. With “Great Powers comes great responsibilities”. If one can stay back to work extra hours during “DEPLOYMENTs” in MNCs, then why cant the DM stay back long hours in times of “DISASTERS”/Emergencies !!? (moreover the satisfaction derived in both cases are uncomparable )

    So all I want to say is these were few of my opinions (there are many more). Ultimately it is just a matter of choice what we prefer but even today IAS/IPS/Central services are one of the best career options, to be accepted in a positive, honest and determined way by our youth.

    This is my first write up in public platform, could not restain myself from replying.I can keep talking of many many such perspectives and points on this topic, however I think I should maybe keep it short 😉 But I would again say, it was a nice write up from your side 🙂

    thank you.

    1. Dada Adhikari

      Just a dreamy eyed aspirant …Ask Ashok Khemka Raju Narayan swami to know about nation building shit..Why are you guys so immature.Have a holistic pragmatic understanding first before even thinking about civil services

    2. Vinit Pratap

      This reply easily outshines original post. This ‘the spirit man!

    3. Raveena Jain

      What an outstanding reply Mr. Pranav Prasun!
      It is all about your interest to serve the nation and if you are willing to join this profession for tasting the luxuries and comfort, then you must not do it.
      A real IAS officer do it for nation not for the money and luxuries.

    4. Harsha Nagaling

      what an amazing post!!!!!1

    5. Tanya Sehgal

      Wow! That was just amazing, a very polite way of explaining the positive. Thanks for such a detailed straight-from-the heart right up with proper facts 🙂

    6. Smita Singh

      ? with all respect?

    7. Rajkamal Shiromani

      I read it and liked it very much. You have given a very true and balanced account of this highly debatable topic. Keep writing and expressing your well- balanced, well-reasoned, objective and logical views free of any pride or prejudice. God bless you beta.

      1. Rajkamal Shiromani

        I read it and liked it very much. You have given a very true and balanced account of this highly debatable topic. Keep writing and expressing your well- balanced, well-reasoned, objective and logical views free of any pride or prejudice. Your writeup has shown your wonderful command over English and art of writing, (with due regards) some thing not very common in the corporate world. God bless you beta Prasoon.

  40. Amit Kumar

    Kya chutiyapa likha rakha Hai tumne yr… I don’t agree with it…

    1. Leo Messi

      u first need to learn how to present your views on a public platform.
      if u dont agree with something then post with logical reasons in a decent language – if u are preparing for civils i dont think thats a difficult task

  41. sushma shedge

    but these are wrong lines
    Bane Raho Pagla, Kam Karega Agla

    Raho Hamesha Cool, Salary Paoge Full

    Mat Lo Tension, Nahi to Family payegi Pension

  42. Neelam Shukla

    The writer of this article has done an exceedingly good work by bringing forth, the facts of the dark side of the Civil services.

    For me, who never even attempted the entrance, it gives more than sufficient material to talk on coffee or over a drink “Why I didn’t look in that direction of the Civil Services and choose the Armed Forces instead”, but the fact is there are a lot of intangibles and fringe benefits that come with the civil services and all said and done, on more than one occasion those are worth all the efforts.

    Insofar as changing the system is concerned, it is realised sooner than later that the system is too robust and only a few try to change it. The remaining get on to their job as a standard ‘Naukri’ and have a fairly good life, both for themselves and their family members.


      Doctors can serve better then IAS

  43. Bhanu Krishna

    Good one,
    Unless the reader is emotionally attached with the preparation all the above listed ten points will be accepted by anyone.

    During the preparation the aspirant will be emotional.
    After getting into the service he/she would feel proud and tries to change the entire system immediately. But realizes that it is not possible.
    Later he/she would function according to the system else he/she would be punished or he/she quits the job.

    People say that they get satisfaction but the fact is by the moment you get satisfaction you will be transferred to try new source of satisfaction.

    But at the end I still believe the system requires strong intelligent minds.

  44. ShoWne SaJan

    guys almost all of the comment s down here says like it is a service ,im not in it for money ,its like anything else etc.
    well then guys why do you do a job if you like serving nation just run around the country helping people and become a soial activist??

    guys just take it as a joke . im also an ips aspirant and i’ll be honest with you guys i’m in it for the recognition you get for it

  45. Don John

    I’m preparing this just as any other job, It means nothing to me, if my job asks me to work for poor, I will. if it says sit in office read file, I will.

    For me its just a job,. Why I want it : better perks. I’m not emotionally attached. Let’s see how it works out 🙂

  46. Shilpa Singh

    I am preparing for civil services and i love to do it. I am not doing it for money. I am doing it for service to nation. thanks. Also i am stuing few websites on internet and found for getting daily notes on upsc.

    1. Yashwa Verman

      Hi ,
      I am civil services aspirant. I am looking for some guidance , on how to start. Could you please advice me on how to start , and what references should i follow. ?

    2. Ramesh Gandhi

      You don’t have to be a civil servant to serve the nation. Ex Arvind Kumar of Super 30. Its cliche that u r using my friend. What u really want is power to flaunt and amass wealth at the cost of poor and innocent people

      1. Rahul Gupta

        That’s anand kumar of super 30.

    3. Focus Ias

      This was a blog written by an IRS officer who is trying to give a balance account. zabardasti ki krantikari banne ke liye nahi!

      1. Dada Adhikari

        haha well said…Inko kuch pata hi nahi aiwein fanne Khan ban rahe hain

  47. Shilpa Singh

    You are an Idiot actually. Dont mind but Civil Services means “services to nation”
    If anyone want to earn money than he/she should do business or join any private corporate jobs.
    You are a money hungry person but not all people carrying are your kind of mentality. So avoid posting such negative thoughts. Better you live life and left civil services for the true people

    1. arpit singh

      Money is the basic need of life and everyone need it.It doesn’t matter whether you are getting it in a civil service or in a corporate sector.The main thing is doing our work whatever it may be….

    2. Ramesh Gandhi

      You don’t have to be a civil servant to serve the nation. Ex Arvind Kumar of Super 30. Its cliche that u r using my friend. What u really want is power to flaunt and amass wealth at the cost of poor and innocent people


      So madam you actually think that after becoming an IAS you will serve the nation no you are wrong no can serve better then a soldier do if it comes to serve a nation soldiers are better then IAS
      All those IIT and IIM alumni just clearing IAS for BRIBE money and huge or actually they want to live rest of life as an unreal man what is the use of degree of IIT and IIM FOR CIVILIANS.IF YOU HAVE THE DESIRE TO
      serve the nation THEN JOIN THE DEFENCE. not IAS

      1. Raveena Jain

        It’s good if you aren’t preparing for IAS and IPS.
        Go and do your job, Do not spread such negative thoughts here and leave this reputed services for true civil services aspirants because it is out of your domain.
        And one more thing just google the meaning of civil services and defence because it seems like you have problem with the meanings 😂😂

    4. Amit Kumar

      You are absolutely right dear…

    5. Kunal Choudhary

      So you mean to say that after working hard for CAT , doing MBA and getting into corporate job..We are only making money for ourselves and nothing more?. I believe private sector is of essence to the nation today by any parameter. (Employment, Taxes, Revenue, GDP). We respect you, you respect us. Peace.


        One day if I will able to design a real suit like iron man yeah saare ke saare IAS or Infosys wale mere same kuch nahi honge sirf mai hero banunga country Ka Baku sab chachundar

        1. crazy cop

          thodi weed hum ko bhi de dena bhai.

        2. Naresh Kumar

          Bhai tu iron man ka suit hi design kar, .. baakion ko unka kaam karne de. Jab ban jaayega, bata dio. Kuchh aur avengers gather kar lengay.

  48. Arjun Gold

    better to die for scaring above points. think army service also very tough job if they scare and come back to home and sit in the mnc company with $$$$$ salary what happens, only ash will be left in nation.

  49. Jagraj Cheema

    i totally agree with you on the above points …
    But i want to ask you a simple thing ,,
    this indicates that patriotism is missing in some …
    And if all start to think in the same way than what about the nation
    Additionally the thing is where we lack is family values, ethics , morals
    This is because our social institutions for what they are meant for are failing..
    Because teachers,parents and all the other people around us always tell that do this for your success…
    and the most funny part is no one will be there to tell you that you will be a gentle person responsible citizen etc etc ……

    Jagraj Cheema
    (civil service aspirant )

    1. Rini Sen


      Most of us would go with the values and unless they are deeply rooted in us, we fail at the time of adversity. We either become dormant or tend to go with the flow and join the other sides.

      Very few, very few would be able to uphold the pride and strive for the best regardless, right?

      1. Jagraj Cheema

        That’s what I mean this happens because our social institutions fail …

        I think as we are told how to work , how to eat , speak etc

        we should also be imparted the knowledge of constitution
        for example A,B,C of constitution ideals and sacrifices our forefathers made to attain the ideal state ….. for example …. why don’t everyone commits rape because there are still values present in our society … we need to preserve it otherwise the day may come when like some extinct animals our culture values morals etc will be lost..
        and this may lead to chaos in the society ..
        these are values morals which have binded us altogether despite so much diversity…..

        jagraj cheema

  50. LP Yadav

    wow an awesome article and this will work as mirror for day-dreamers who always lives in dreamy world.its time to see the check and balances of this services and then decide it : do we really want to be a civil servant?

    1. Akash Kumar

      It is good article…no doubt ….which is pointing on different problems associated with a IAS & IPS officers.I would like to bring evryones kind attention on all the mentioned points.
      1)Recognition-media & society will give u recognition.If u takes a gud decision which is benefiiting even a village…society….groups of person…u will be hero for them …nd u will feel so much proud….
      2).corruption….yes…no doubt..u cant remove corruption 100% due to political threat…but..u have ability and power to remove it between 0% to 99%…choice is ours….even if we remove it by 1%….we will feel proud of it.
      3).frequent transfers..rite…if u will not be flexible to some extent…u will get frquent transfers….this will also give u opportunity to work for large no.of people nd society…u can be a real hero every where….
      4.frustration of joining central deputation…rite….bt it gives u anothr chance to lead different policies…make rules…and implement it…and to make lots of new relations.
      5).promotions & demotions-in every sector…its pattern is different….in some persons point…promotions much people u are dealing with…..every year u get promoted but no 1 under u is working then it will not give u happiness… ias nd ips…as a d.m & s.p…u deal with people it looks very important to them….but as u get promoted…u will deal with these ias nd ips….u can qtn them on different points..u can make them tight….u cn implement ur policeis through them…even fire them…it depends person to person ..hw to deal with such situation…
      6…political interference…rite…there will be..always…even every person uses there relations upto some extent in their…similarly they will…but do we use 100% influence for our growth,career…a big NO…even politicians will not interfere u in 100% work…or 100% crimes…if it would have happen then india might have been deleted from world map…all criminals might be out of jails…no development would be happening…..again at this point u cant stop interference 100% but u have choice between 0% to 99%…which will vary person to perso..
      7)Salary-…Here is job security with reputation….anybody who might be getting lacs of salary….will be down to earth in front of u…u can say….evrybody will be in there “aukat” in front of u…and the salary is not much less….as u will be getting lot of fascilities….like vehicle…so big house…free mobile bills…medicals…vip treatment….nd so on….u add all these things to ur monthly package….
      8) family life….rite…but now days ,even in corporate sectors leaving some exceptions…if both husband nd wife are doing job…then they stay far away…like me…when they are getting big salaries….
      U will be staying at distric headqurtrs….nd i think in every distric there are good schools for basic study….as i deed in JNV…even ur family members get a lot of importance nd vip treatment in society…
      Hard Labour-Obviously …most of the people wnt to conquerd it…..and to hve so much reputation…it is expected from ur side.
      Last Point.-In society,still it matters a lot…by ur decision u can change a life of lot of people….u can make them happy forever…or ur single decision can give them pain forever…so prcision is required from ur side….aftr retirement…u can join as a big boss in many companies….at higher salaries…with lots of people working under u…..
      Now u can compare…with politicians….how much salaries they are getting….how much work they can do without ur support….even our p.m is not ambani….but he is at top level….having lot of powers…having lot of interference….even from world also…but still every1 is keen for that… only three positions are more powerful….country-p.m….state-c.m…….distric-d.m… choice is urs……be hero…live heroism…and die as a hero…..but be some flexible…..means for benefit of 90% public if u give relaxation to 10%…then i think it is not bad……but be honest….


        Why don’t you work hard to become soldier like captain America?

      2. Pranav Prasun

        good points & perspective, Akash…. !!!

        1. rajesh verma

          Very good points of Pranav & Akash…so balanced.

      3. Shatakshi Kaushal


  51. Anwesh Gaurav

    You cant compare Vishal Sikka and Ambani to common people. Nobody should think that I want to be like Ambani so I will give IAS. How many Ambanis are there in India? 2 (brothers) out of 120 Crore people.

    Is it ok to think that one can come under such a probability of 8.33*10^(-10).

    Also how many people who join infosys become Vishal Sikka? 1 out of 1,87,000, probability=5.3*10^(-6)

    How many grade A officers are there ? 197000 out of lets say out of 1 crore graduates.
    Probability =0.02.

    You be the judge, which is better- 0.00000000083, 0.0000056, or 0.02 ??

    1. Serial Truth

      Anwesh Gaurav where did you get that number about grade A officers?
      197000 is very large…I dont think those many gazetted officers are there in the country…There are roughly 90000 central govt grade a officer according to employee data given by govt. And this 90000 includes all technical engineers branch specific, scientists, civil servants, etc..
      Also this page is talking about upsc civil services…Currently there are 4800 ias officers in the all the three all India services strength will be lessthan 10000
      I am not against upsc civils…replied just make the numbers correct

      1. Serial Truth

        Also we cannot compare upsc exams with other private jobs, the value of a govt. job employee and the respect give to them is 100 times better than any private jobs
        Getting a job in mncs is very easy…there is almost negligible competition but for a govt job there will be lakhs of people competing..getting a job surviving that heavy competition makes one feel proud and they get good respect among their relatives and society

    2. Shobhit Umrao

      Agreed on your point. 0.02 is best

    3. Rini Sen

      thats a nice analysis anwesh. brings out the objective facts better!

  52. charan chand

    Maybe if ias is not fulfilling, n I see myself not contributing to the country in the least, might as well join politics, but first stop ias, have to see for myself, n all the other points I can handle as long as I have my books…. 😀

  53. Simran Bains

    Awwww that’s ok! Poor salary,frequent transfer,poor family life everything on one side. And each day,living your most loved dream,the contentment will be unmeasurable! 🙂 long years of preparation and struggle only will make everything worth it.. 🙂

    1. Rini Sen


  54. Ankur Yarazarvi

    I can take a life of being a loner with shitty salary etc etc with a smile when I know I’ll be spending a good part of my life with Forests 😉
    Serving them, Respecting them, Loving them. Game On!

  55. Arun Muradnar

    Good to know a reality, but this invigorates the SPIRIT more.☺

    1. Ankur Yarazarvi


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