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Must Read (OLD & NEW) NCERTs for IAS Preparation

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As you start your preparation for the IAS/ UPSC exam, you would be advised to give a good read to the standard NCERT textbooks before catching up on with the advanced material.

Recommended Books for IAS Prep (Amazon links on pics)

#1. Indian Polity by Laxmikanth

#2. Environment (Shankar’s IAS)

#3. Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong

#4. India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra

#5. India Since Independence

#6. Indian Art and Culture


Download NCERTs (OLD & NEW) from these links

#1. History – Old NCERTs + TN Ncerts

#2. History – NEW NCERTs (right click to download)

#3. Indian Art & Culture (right click to download)

#4. Indian Polity (right click to download)

#5. Economics (right click to download)

#6. Geography (right click to download)

#7. Science NCERTs (Class 6 – 12) (click to access the folder)

#8. Sociology NCERTs (right click to download)

#9. Other Reference Books

If you wish to start your preparation in the earnest, make sure you read this blog on Detailed strategy for cracking IAS examination for the beginners

Questions, Tips?

  1. Profile photo of Vishesh Seshu Vishesh Seshu

    Sir, what about 6-10 ncert books, are they not necessary for history,polity,geography. As you have suggested only 11th and 12th class.

    1. Profile photo of Discuss Discuss

      It depends on what level you are. If your basics are strong.No need to study 6-10th class NCERT books but if is very weak, We recommend you that you should start with 6-10th Class NCERT and then move to higher class NCERT and specialized books. We have mentioned these books for those people whose base is already developed. Otherwise beginning the preparation with 6-10th class NCERT is always a smart option.


    How to download Environment book zip file?

  3. Profile photo of prasad bhavsar prasad bhavsar

    Sir,want to share my notes regarding mapping please give me your email id…
    My email id-bhavsarprasad8@gmail.com

    1. Profile photo of Root Root

      Write to us at hello@civilsdaily.com

  4. Profile photo of prasad bhavsar prasad bhavsar

    World Mapping:
    Share the link as possible as u can….

    For UPSC,SSC,Banking,Railways,PSU And All other Competitive Examination

  5. Profile photo of Umesh Komre Umesh Komre

    my question is that, i m Hindi medium student…. so i want read old NCERT plzzz if you can give link for old ncert in hindi

  6. Profile photo of Suresh Pawar Suresh Pawar

    Which books use for compulsory english &CAST ?

  7. Profile photo of Alwoodlands Residency Ooty Alwoodlands Residency Ooty


  8. Profile photo of Shubham Chauhan Shubham Chauhan

    Hello guys.. Can anyone suggest from where I should start ancient and medieval history for csat paper…. From NCERT or from any other reference books…
    Please suggest in this regard

    1. Profile photo of Er S Er S

      Go through the Art and Culture series by clicking on the left sidebar

    2. Profile photo of Akshay Akshay

      from ncert

  9. Profile photo of ROHAN LOHAR ROHAN LOHAR

    Is ncert books are available in Hindi..???

    1. Profile photo of Nil Day Nil Day

      Download epathshala app, all hindi ncerts are available there.

  10. Profile photo of rishu malewar rishu malewar

    plz tell
    from where to start modern world history (NCERT class?)
    i am confused
    suggest NCERTs and books for it asap.

    1. Profile photo of Amarish Chandrahas Amarish Chandrahas

      Start with NCERT/Bipan chandra both are same.

      1. Profile photo of rishu malewar rishu malewar

        which class NCERT XI XII ???

        1. Profile photo of Ayush Chaudhary Ayush Chaudhary


  11. Profile photo of Bhautik Paghdar Bhautik Paghdar

    Dictionary for all environment Science terms.
    very useful.

    1. Profile photo of Confused Billi Confused Billi

      Nayi nayi app banayi lagti hai… Baaki sab to theek hai par company ka naam “AppErector” rakhne ki wisdom pe prakash daalein please!

      1. Profile photo of Aman chauhan Aman chauhan


  12. Profile photo of Sagar Jalan Sagar Jalan

    for modern india , old bibin chandra or new bipin chandra???

    1. Profile photo of Discuss Discuss

      @sagarjalan, this is a very complicated issue so I will try to be very clear! 🙂
      Actually there is no new and old Bipin Chandra, but there is a new and old NCERT. The old NCERT on modern India was written by Bipin Chandra (and is the basic book). Around 2001 the new NCERT’s came and the Bipin Chandra NCERT was discontinued. But because there was such a huge demand for it (guess from where 🙂 ) that Orient Black Swan publisher started publishing it. This is the same as the old NCERT, just has a fancier cover, it is also sometimes called the red Bipin Chandra book (because its cover is red 🙂 ). It is titled History of Modern India.

      There is another book by Bipin Chandra titled India’s Struggle for Independence. This is more advanced. It is also sometimes called the blue Bipin Chandra book (no prizes for guessing why 🙂 ).

      So read the History of Modern India by Bipin Chandra as the basic modern history book. Read India’s Struggle for Independence for more advanced stuff.

      Now, if you understood that you can understand any concept in UPSC very easily 🙂

  13. Profile photo of ANSHUL PANT ANSHUL PANT

    pls help me friends in choosing optional subject. I am confused between sociology and philosophy. some veterans told me not to opt sociology as its not worth scoring. but i have to prepare without coaching so can philosophy be prepared without coaching ?

    1. Profile photo of Subhash Tadala Subhash Tadala

      First of all, collect at least 3 years optional question papers and see the questions. usually u can get the questions sorted according to the chapters. Read some basic chapters in both subjects. Then try to answer the questions. If you are comfortable, you can go through. otherwise take seniors advice or try other subjects too.. Every optional is a interesting one. good Luck

    2. Profile photo of Jai Prakash Soni Jai Prakash Soni

      use “five finger test”…..!!!!

    3. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      it can be but you need guidance from some people who have adequate command over the subject, know how to deal it with perspective of mains.

  14. Profile photo of Pradeepti Kampani Pradeepti Kampani

    So I have purchased almost all the books mentioned above but I fall short on the strategy that needs to be taken to get started with these books. The course is overwhelmingly huge and needs to be approached with the right strategy.
    So, how am I supposed to target the NCERT syllabus? If you could help me out, that’d be great.

    1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      First of all, before you do anything, you need to command the syllabus and 20 years previous questions of prelims. this task should be done genuinely. It will guide you for the rest of your journey towards this exam. You will be able to know what to grasp out of NCERTs or for that matter any other book. You can make notes of whatever you read or you can first underline what you consider important from the point of view of the exam when you read. Read when you are calm and there is no disturbance. First reading will make you exposed to the idea. second reading will give clarity and if needed 3rd reading will make it permanent in your memory but only if read with 100% calmness and concentration.

      All the best.

      1. Profile photo of Pradeepti Kampani Pradeepti Kampani

        Thank you.

      2. Profile photo of ashish sinha ashish sinha

        Sir what do you refer by commanding past 20 year question papers?

        1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

          it means that you should have an idea about the topics, relevance of something to be asked in pre or mains, is it related to the syllabus or not. the previous years questions do the same thing. they give you idea about what and how to study, what points need to be covered.

  15. Profile photo of Focus Ias Focus Ias

    @surya-tej – Download from here.

  16. Profile photo of Shashank Uniyal Shashank Uniyal

    Sir, I want to prepare for uttarakhand PCS, syllabus is quite similar to UPSC except no optional paper, I am a working person and only get evening time so coaching is not an option…
    I have no idea how should I start….whether with NCERT books…..or coaching institute’s notes which are available in market…..
    Please guide me sir..

    1. Profile photo of Root Root

      @nitin-pant – Do you have any info to share with him?

  17. Profile photo of ambati akash ambati akash

    Sir, please guide me how my preparation sould go since I am in integrated coaching and also guide me how the technology be useful and how should we use it??

  18. Profile photo of Kumar Saurabh Kumar Saurabh

    which book should i read for IR and defense for UPSC

    1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      take the material of vajiram and read it thoroughly.

    2. Profile photo of Vivek Mohan Bhatt Vivek Mohan Bhatt

      in my opinion plz read shashi tharur pax indica first for foreign relations of india.

  19. Profile photo of DevD DevD


  20. Profile photo of Singh Kunal Singh Kunal

    plz provide old ncert books in hindi…

  21. Profile photo of Bishwabhusan Palai Bishwabhusan Palai

    Thank u sir for all ur support……..

  22. Profile photo of Shashikant Kumar Shashikant Kumar

    We need the Hindu nd indian express important article in hindi.

  23. Profile photo of Shashikant Kumar Shashikant Kumar

    Plz provide the nd indian express article in hindi..

  24. Profile photo of Aman Singh Aman Singh

    Sir I am a hindi medium students…… so i want to old NCERT in Hindi medium sir please suggest me old NCERT in hindi……

    1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      delhi me mukherjee nagar me atul photocopy shop hai, wahan se mil jaayega ya courier kar denge wo log. phone number online mil jayega.

  25. Profile photo of Arpit Nigam Arpit Nigam

    Do we need to study the old ncert in geography or the new one?? Bit confused in terms of content diff, if anyone could help…..

    1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      go with the old ones. and if there is something missing, find that in new one and read it from there. update yourself with internet and wikipedia on certain topics where you find old data in books.

  26. Profile photo of Drashti Shukla Drashti Shukla

    Hello Sir,thanks a ton!
    Sir,will the History NCERT’S of class 11 and 12 be enough? As I’m finding it a bit perplexing because usually it is quoted that all the NCERTS from standard 6 should be referred and here just the HISTORY NCERT of class 11 and 12 is provided.

    1. Profile photo of Amit Sagar Amit Sagar

      Is History your optional? If yes, then you need to study too much. If not, then you can just read the Ancient, Medieval and Modern NCERTs. Other NCERTs can also be referred to if have ample time because these three books don’t cover everything.

    2. Profile photo of Focus Ias Focus Ias

      Focus on only 11th and 12th NCERTs. Once you get over them – then you can go and read bipin chandra and so on.

  27. Profile photo of Sameer Deshpande Sameer Deshpande

    Sir are you telling to read facets of the Indian culture from spectrum publication? Or any other book, if so pls provide the link for E book of the spectrum which you are suggesting.

    1. Profile photo of Sidharth Nayar Sidharth Nayar

      Do not read facets. Read Ancient and Medieval India (TN Board). Add NIOS to that.

      1. Profile photo of Sameer Deshpande Sameer Deshpande

        Thank you

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