Prelims 2017 Analysis + Directions for 2018- Workbook now available

In Prelims 2017, UPSC again showed that it has the power to spring a surprise, catching both students and market coaches unawares.

2017 tests the candidate’s ability not how much does he/she knows rather the manner in which the candidates know, the attitude with which one knows.

This is also a move towards student orientation, and respecting their abilities by undermining the hegemony of coaching institutes. No more will compilations of current affairs and run of the mill carpet bomb test series work as quick fix solutions. Curiosity base, Observation fuelled learning and Knowledge (not information) scores over pure examination tactics like guess estimation.

Civilsdaily brings you a comprehensive analysis of Prelims 2017 with inputs from K Siddhartha sirVipin Garg (IAS, 2016 Batch) and Praveen Verma (IAS, 2017 Batch).

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