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10 Aug 2017 | Target Mains: GS Questions With Official Answers


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  •  king james @king-james

    where can we find the official answers? someone please guide.

  •  Avinash Mishra @avinash-mishra

    A fair inquiry and opportunity of being heard essential before reaching any conclusion.Cases like molestation should be dealt expediently but emotions plus decisions make very bad decisions .In an event like this i would pursuing an independent approach to look the facts and circumstances fairly which would be as follows:-
    1)Verifying the service book
    Reason-The service books of government officers contain information related with their conduct and hence it becomes a prime source to look for any past misconduct of similar nature or any misconduct towards women made by the officer.
    2)Gathering information from other officers
    Reason -At times the man is known better by the company he is in hence the other people can provide a valuable insight into his conduct.
    3) Achievements
    Reason – i would be specifically looking that whether the concerned officer has made any achievement under gender sensitivity issues.
    4)Analysing his terms with female officers:
    Reason -true insights can be gather from the female officers who have worked with him or are working with him.
    5)Information about the female worker
    Reason-The conduct of the victim wwill also be evaluated in terms of her past complaints,achievements and negative remarks in service book.
    6)Incidents of recent arguments-
    Reason- Vendetta can be a reason for such complaints when the victim has been recently reprimanded by the officer.
    7)Group Dynamics-
    Reason -Group dynamics play a significant role in a organisational setup therefore that would also be analysed to find a possible cause of conflict.

    Crime against women are unacceptable and should be put through strict scrutiny but jurisprudence with respect to offender should also be followed.


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