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15 Oct 2017 | Target Mains | Question 5


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  •  Avinash Mishra @avinash-mishra


  •  Parvathy @parvathy2490

    Stubble burning is the process of burning the stubble straw that remains on the farm after the harvest of the crop. It’s saves a farmer from manual work of cutting each and every straw. The repercussions of stubble burning is that it cause air pollution and it also degrade the quality of soil as the microorganisms dies in the fire.
    Stubble burning (SB) causes emission of CO2 & other GHGs leading to air pollution. Last year NGT had banned SB in Punjab & Haryana but due to lack of alternative solutions to SB & lack of awareness, the ban could not yield desired results.

    What measure can be undertaken:
    1. Govt of India should setup committe to research on it and have to find out the alternate way to restore it.
    2. More awareness should be done and farmers make awareness about the importance of environment. Adopting strict orders on Tier 3 level because tier three level is good media to communicate at local level.
    3. Utilisation of paddy straw: straw can be mixed with urea and molasses to create an animal feed as suggested by Mr Swaminathan in international conference of agro biodiversity. it will help save money spent on animal feedstock by farmers.
    4.Providing subsidy to farmers to make use of machinery, and adopting traditional practices.
    5. More focus and make available goat and sheep excreta because this can help to come out from stubble burning.
    6. Financial incentives to farmers to use stubble choppers instead of burning them.
    7. The stubble can be used to generate electricity. Such modern R&D should be encouraged. EU countries are using crop residues as renewable energy sources.

    A collective effort where all the stakeholders are engaged is the basic requirement to tackle the menace of air pollution. As the primary executor of the policy are the farmers, their grievance and concerns must be effectively addressed .

  •  Khemchand Gujjar @khemchand-gujjar


    •  CA. Naveen Mavi @canaveenkumarmavi

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  •  Priyanka @priyanka-yadav4


  •  Utkarsh Saxena @utkarshsaxena


  •  RAHUL JAIN @rahul-jain1

    The ongoing controversy regarding stubble burning(NGT vs govt of Punjab,Haryana, Rajasthan etc.) has brought focus to the issue of stubble burning and its impacts on the environment.
    The practice refers to the burning of crop residue by the farmers in the field after every harvest, which is not only labour saving but also is a quick way of disposal and clearing the field. However it has damaging effects on the environment including:
    1. Rising concentration of CO2 and other green house gases coupled with the increase in particulate matter.
    2. This not only deteriorates the air quality but also increases the risk of health hazard for the people(as noted by the NGT and Delhi High Court)
    In this context,various measures that could be taken are:
    1. Raising awareness among the farmers regarding the ills of this practice(M-KISAN,DD-KISAN can be of help)
    2. R&D efforts to find an alternative solution to this problem(ICAR,State Agro Universities have a role here)
    3. Providing financial incentives(e.g. subsidies etc.) to promote adoption of scientific techniques among farmers for disposal of stubble burning.
    4. Alternative uses of stubble can be looked into(e.g. in the arena of bio-ethanol, electricity generation etc.)
    5. Finally, collaboration with external agencies(FAO/IPCC/WHO) can also be looked into.
    Thus a multi-stakeholder approach is required to solve this problem which is currently an impediment in our progress towards sustainable development.

  •  Amit Bhardwaj @amit-bhardwaj1

    Hi All,

    Thought of attempting this question myself. And yes I cheated by giving myself 10 minutes instead of the usual 7 minutes that you shall get in the exam hall 🙂

    When you are faced with such questions, especially in stressed situations you really come up with something that is quite demotic like air pollution, subsidy to farmers. No enlightenment occurs and you don’t come up with some extraordinary points. So with this limited knowledge all you can do is garnish it with some good presentation and see how it goes:

    Stubble burning is the deliberate setting on fire of the left-over straw stubble after harvesting the crops and is widely prevalent in the northern states particularly Punjab and Haryana.
    Stubble burning is known to deteriorate the air quality in the surrounding regions by exponentially raising the particulate matter in the environment. The effect is compounded as it coincides with the onset of winters and the festival of Diwali. Stubble burning has also been linked to uncontrolled fires and nutrient loss in the soil. The deadly cocktail of particulate matter and toxic emissions from other sources engulfs the region in a blanket that can even be fatal especially for the children, elderly and the infirm.
    The solution to the problem lies in economic incentives and behavioral changes rather then punitive actions. The core of the issue is the time consuming and labour intensive nature of stubble removal which can be incentivized by the governments to wean the farmers away from this insidious practice while promoting and subsidizing environmental friendly alternatives. Further, the community based ‘nudging’ can precipitate required behavioral changes and is probably the most profound tool with its efficacy being recognized by the year’s Noble prize in economics.

    P.S. : What is it? covered.
    Where it is? covered
    Effect on environment : Main effect covered
    Root cause: covered
    Action needed : Main action listed
    Word limit : Maintained (so I have time for other answers)

    Ok the take away is that all main points have been covered and the answer is still within the word limit (which is most important because word limit is the altar on which you have to sacrifice many points which may be dear to you but do no figure on the list of prominent points)

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