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DAF Guidance Seminar by Civilsdaily | 13th Aug | Video now available

  • Your one stop shop for all queries on DAF.
    Civilsdaily organized a seminar on “How to Fill DAF” in conjugation with Ensemble IAS.
    Mr. K Siddhartha, the renowned author of ‘Geography Through Maps’ and a mentoring expert on Interview preparation for UPSC conducted the seminar. Most of your queries would be answered in this video.

    Read the document containing sample DAFs, questions and other important information here- Click2read
    If you have more queries let us know in the comments below and our team will address them. Best of luck for Mains 2017 guys!

    We got K Siddhartha sir onboard for a special seminar about ‘How to fill your DAF’

    The Seminar covered following points:

    1. How the filling of form reflects you?
    2. How can you make it reflect yourself the way you want?
    3. Can you anticipate the questions that you are going to be asked
    4. What kind of interviews could you face on basis of DAF

    The seminar was aimed to help the PT qualified candidates reverse plan their Interview by filling DAF wisely.

    In the seminar, sir focused on:

    • Identifying common mistakes and blunders that students commit
    • Comparison of different DAF types
    • Deciphering DAF and the possible questions that can be asked
    • Do’s and don’ts in DAF
    • Integrating your Mains preparation with Interview

    When was the seminar- 13th August 2017

    Place- Ensemble IAS, B-5/4, Poorvi Marg, NEA, Below ICICI Bank,  Opp. Ganga Ram Hospital, Old Rajinder Nagar, Delhi

    Time- 11 to 12 pm 

    We are attaching a sample DAF summary for your reference:

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  •  Tanisha Aggarwal @iastanisha

    What to do of ‘Declaration to be signed by the candidate’ page 8 of the final 10 page pdf. Do we have to submit it offline also?

    •  Arushi Pathak @arushi

      No, the declaration does not have to be submitted offline. The process is completely online.

  •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

    A request to all those who attended the seminar- Please leave a feedback about the seminar on hello@civilsdaily.com so that we can learn more from this experience and improve further to bring you the best.

    •  Sandeep Biswas @sandeep-biswas1

      Please upload the 44 questions wrt the aforementioned DAF.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      They are available in the document uploaded along with video in this post. Please refer to that.

  •  Divya Prakash @divyaprakash

    if video is available then please upload it

  •  John Rambo @john-rambo

    Where is the online link for this seminar which is underway ?

  •  Himanshu Gupta @himanshugupta

    Is it only for those who cleared prelims..Or open for all, I also want to join this session but I am not writing mains this year.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      It is for those who have cleared prelims.

  •  Divya Prakash @divyaprakash

    make the video available

  •  Renjina Mary Varghese @renjinamary

    is it available online?

  •  Kunal Aggarwal @kunalaggarwal

    Thank you team CD and Sir for this. Really helpful it would be 🙂

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