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Economic Survey and Budget 2018 | Advanced Program

  • This course is designed to go beyond the text and take you through the nuances of the Economic Survey and Budget.

    Importance of Economic Survey and Budget

    Economic Survey and Budget are the 2 most important documents that you will go through in your exam preparation.

    • Economic Survey discusses all the major government initiatives with the explanation.
    • If we go by the trend, every year around 20 questions in prelims and 7-8 questions in mains are directly related to the Economic Survey and Budget.
    • Questions in prelims paper stress on important phrases, key analysis, and technical terms. Hence they have to be thoroughly studied.
    • Almost mandatory to imbibe actual phrases used in Economic Survey to frame answers for Main Examination. for example, if a Question is asked on Banking sector problems in the mains exam, you can always quote the 4R recommendations of the 2016th economic survey.
    • Adding the important and relevant facts and figures significantly enhance your marks in General Studies Paper-III.
    • Deep knowledge of the current policies and programs of the government also help an aspirant to write meaningful Essays in UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. For example, Wiping every tear from every eye “Twin balance sheet problem”, “translating potential into actuality” “ Chakravuyh challenge” etc.
    • According to the new trend economy and the environment is going hand in hand. So questions can come from that perspective also.
    • Many statistics and schemes are asked in CAPF, State psc, bank and SSC exams.

    What we are offering 

    -20 hours of Video Lectures Explaining crux of each chapter in simple and layman language appropriate from an exam point of view. Highlighting the importance of each chapter wrt to prelims examination, mains examination, and interview exam.

    -Correlate economic survey and budget observations and recommendations with static mains syllabus, for example, this year Economic survey has observed that still Indian families have a preference for Male children, now this chapter could be important for three topics of GS paper 1 which are society of India, Population and related studies and Women and women Organization.

    -Special focus on important terms used in the survey like PARA, Chakruvyuh challenge, reverse helicopter etc. This year the economic survey has used a term called stigmatized capitalism. Idea is to explain the complex terms with the help of more relatable real-life examples.

    -Would cover important topics from last 2-3 years economic survey for a precise understanding of this year’s survey

    Telegram group for students joining the programme where they can discuss any doubts with the respective faculty.

    Short and crisp Summary of Economic Survey booklet and

    1 full-length prelims test on economic survey and budget

    Handout of 20 probable mains questions with model answers

    What will students gain

    -De-jargonize the documents. Making it easy for students to read the bulky document and precisely point out the important points.

    -Not miss anything important. Specially non-economics students risk

    -Ensure all conceptual details are covered.

    Core faculty

    The session is being conducted by our stellar faculty –

    Sajal Singh

    MS in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics.

    MS in Financial Economics from Carleton University Canada.

    NET(JRF) in Economics qualified.

    See a sample video of his teaching of Economic concepts here:

    Few reviews about his teaching


    Join the program here

    Introductory price – Rs. 2000 + taxes – Join Here

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  •  Mathivprasenna Kannuswamy @mathivprasenna-kannuswamy

    Hey I have paid for 6 month current affairs package but I can’t access that drop box link why I have given password when I enter I can’t access how to download my files pls help me

  •  gayathri gopan @wisdombrains

    How can I get access to the program.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      Details have been sent over email. Please check.

    •  gayathri gopan @wisdombrains

      Received. Thank you

  •  gayathri gopan @wisdombrains

    I have just made payment,but i have’nt received any confirmation email from civilsdaily.Pls help with that.

  •  ankit bansal @bansalankit4u

    Sir, i paid the fees and sent email as suggested in comments section. But, did not get access to the course. Please resolve

  •  Dhawal Wade @dhawal-wade

    Paid the fees. Didn’t get any access yet. Hoe can I get access to the program?

  •  Root @root

    All of you guys would have got a reply back from | Let us know if you still have not.

    •  Shyamli Indolia @shyamliindolia

      I have not received any reply so far. It’s been over a week now that i have made the payment.

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      We have sent the mail containing details again. Hope you have received it.

    •  Shyamli Indolia @shyamliindolia

      Yes. Thanks.

  •  arive guru @arive-guru

    sir, i paid the fees today..still have nt got the access.please reply as soon as possible.
    thanks in advance

  •  Jothevallal K @jothevallal-k

    I have made the payment but haven’t got the access to the program yet. Help to get access.

  •  Shyamli Indolia @shyamliindolia

    I have made the payment but haven’t got access to the program yet or any notification regarding the same. Please reply.

  •  Saidareddy Bolla @saidareddy1992

    I just paid for economic survey &budget.Tell me how can i get access to classes.

  •  Aditya Mishra @am57905

    Sir, I’ve made payment for the economic survey and budget course today. Kindly inform how can I access the course on 15th February…..?????

  •  Anubhav Bansal @wwwsomubansal12

    I have made the payment for this program but did not get any confirmation email from civilsdaily (got payment receipt from Instamojo).
    Please send the confirmation mail for the same.

  •  Anna Bhai @annabhai

    I have already subscribed for Samachar Manthan Program.Do I have to subscribe for this too?

  •  Aditya Mishra @am57905

    Sir, I tried to make payment thrice but every time it got failed…..

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      Payment link is working fine on our end. Try using some other payment option (if using netbanking, try debit card)

  •  Aditya Mishra @am57905

    Sir, what is the starting date of the programme…..????

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      The program starts on 15th Feb

    •  Aditya Mishra @am57905

      Sir I’m trying to make payment using debit card but every time it’s getting failed. What could be the issue…..????

    •  Root @root


      Please email us at and we will take care of this

  •  SUMAN LAHA @sumanlaha02

    How many classes it will contain ?? And also how many time i can access the videos..please provide me this information

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      You can watch videos unlimited number of times.
      Number of classes is not fixed. it might vary based on content covered in each lecture.

  •  Aditya Sharma @aditya-sharma

    There was a time when all this was free. Dr. V tried to explain the whole Economic Survey in detail covering every aspect and chapter in great detail. Now this coaching industry is trying to monetise everything. God save middle class.

    •  Siddharth Kapoor @siddharth-kapoor

      Do you promise to work without pay after the selection? If not than think twice about others.

    •  Aditya Sharma @aditya-sharma

      There are some flagship programmes of every website such as Secure by insights, Yojana/Kurushetra by Iasbaba and survey analysis by mrunal/civilsdaily. Hope, these remain free and accessible for everyone. I’m not talking about lectures, but about detailed articles and analysis on survey. Hope civilsdaily doesn’t stop the initiative.

    •  Root @root


      The Prelims daily and current news cards initiatives are FREE for all. The kind of quality and effort we put in on daily basis on the current affairs curation is much beyond other portals and I hope you have the wisdom and experience to judge that.

      We started Target Mains as a free initiative but found that a more integrated approach was needed to make sure that weekly current affairs are absorbed and assimilated by the students – hence Samachar Manthan took shape as a PAID initiative where we can provide focussed attention.

      IMO, Secure Mains makes no sense if it does not have a mentor guidance.

      For the eco survey, this 2K course is provided as a compliment to the existing Samachar kanthan students at at 7K, this is the BEST focussed CA program that is out there –

      That being said, to maintain and enhance the quality of our initiatives, we have to charge token fees and trust us, it would be well worth your time and effort.

    •  harish prasath @harish-prasath

      I am planning to subscribe for Essay series,will that include this subscription?

    •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

      No, Essay program does not include this module.

  •  Tanay Rathi @tanayrathi7

    It will not be a live session. You can watch videos any time as per your convenience.

  •  Aditya Mishra @am57905

    Will it be a live session? What will be the timings for this economic survey and budget course…..????

  •  Discuss @discuss

    The first lecture is on 15th Feb,While you will get the notes and test by the end of this month.

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