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Modified Target Mains Answer Writing Programme | Starts 27th August

 Sajal Singh
  • After a very good initial response to this initiative and a few dedicated aspirants writing answers now, we thought of revamping our Mains answer review programme in order to give more time to aspirants for preparation and better competition with many more people participating in the initiative.

    Core Objective?

    Give you few but high quality questions backed up with practical and actionable insights so that you retain the information right till you write your IAS Mains

    What is the change?

    • 10 +2 Questions Test (Every Sunday)
    • Model Answers to be Published (Next Sunday)
    • Best answers (plural) will be reviewed by our mentors. This means you will have to be good with your attempt and keep improving on them
    • Time Duration (1.5 hours)
    • Focus of the programme will not be on the quantity but quality of questions and model answers

    From when do we change the structure of the programme?

    Starting 27th August

    Structure of 10 Questions

    • 10 Questions on Weekly Current affairs (most important themes of the week) ( Hindu, IE, PIB, EPW, Livemint, Economic Times)
    • 2 Ethics Questions ( 1 case study + 1 theory question)

    Additional Components

    • Weekly Video lecture (How to approach the Questions) To be uploaded on next Sunday
    • The video lecture will also contain in-depth analysis of issues/themes on which questions were asked in the test (Current affairs part).
    • Our mentor will explain how to approach the questions asked in the test.
    • We will also share the best answer and explain how that answer can be improved further.

    Why are we moving towards weekly test series?

    -To focus on Quality rather than Quantity.
    -Every Week we only have 10-12 important themes which are relevant to UPSC. When we give you a daily test there are 2 consequences in long run:

    (1) The quality of question/theme and model answer is diluted because of lack of time and lack of themes. As it is impossible to get 3-4 UPSC mains relevant themes every day.

    (2) Questions on repetitive themes are asked coz everyday

    For example, on a well known website, 11 times question has been asked on farm loan waiver in last 2 months. While 9 times Question has been asked on No detention policy in last 1.5 months. We want to avoid that as if we will continue with daily answer writing programme this thing will bound to happen in future.

    Let us further illustrate our point on NDP with an example:

    1. When did this news break out?

    The cabinet took decision to scrap No detention policy on 3rd August


    Op-eds we curated on this issue

    Failing our children


    Op-eds we ignored


    Government does well to repeal the no-detention policy for school students

    Reason? Both op-eds did not have any major new angle on the NDP

    Superfluous Questions from a well known website

    Q.) Considering socioeconomic factors and the state’s limitations in providing education, especially for the weaker sections, do you think government’s decision to scrap no-detention policy under RTE is warranted? Critically comment.

    Q. Critically comment on the decision of the Union Cabinet to scrap the no-detention policy at the elementary level, and introduce detention of students who fail a designated test in Class 5 or 6.

    Q.) In the light of government’s decision to scrap no-detention policy, critically analyse success and failures of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or the Right to Education Act (RTE).

    Our Selected Question?

    Q.) The government move to scrap no-detention policy shows inability to analyse what went wrong. In the light of above statement critically discuss whether no detention policy should be scrapped?

    Why is the transition from everyday question to weekly tests better?

    Generally, whenever an important (UPSC relevant) event takes place, there is no point on asking question on it on the same day because we have lack of content (Since no op-eds have been written on it).

    However when we will conduct a test weekly it will give us ample content on the question so that we can frame a quality question on it and since lot of content is available for aspirants it will easier for them to write quality answer.

    If we will continue this exercise till the next mains than most likely we would have covered almost all-important themes relevant for mains 2018.

    You would have written answers on most important themes (Feeling super-confident for mains 2018) and plus you will have model answers on almost all-important mains relevant themes of the year (feeling super-super confident for mains 2018).

    What will you gain From this exercise?

    If you will continuously attempt our weekly current affairs and ethics test for the whole year than by the next mains You would have written answers on almost all important UPSC relevant themes/issues + you would also have model answers on all the themes.

    Thus by September 2018, you will feel damn confident and with continuous mentoring, your answer writing skills would have reached to a next level.

    How do you register for it?

    • This is a free initiative to begin with and you are all registered by default
    • As per the announcement, questions will be up every Sunday (starting 27th) and will be available on the front page of CD. Archives can be found by clicking here
    • We will be maintaining an internal record of students who are sincere/ frequency of attempts/ quality of attempts etc. and we will take selected few for a PAID course so that they have more 1 on 1 overlaps with our mentors. Details later.

    Wish you best of luck.

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  •  Pooja Sahu @poojasahu

    Thank you so much civlisdaily!!!

  •  Abhishek Ranjan @abhishek-ranjan3

    Sounds Great! Feeling like “KASH PEHLE YAHA AAYA HOTA”. But, still I can take immense benefit out of this initiative. Will be continuing it till Mains 2018. Thanks CD!

  •  Parvathy @parvathy2490

    Hi CD,

    If you could mention which question is related to which paper (or relevance with multiple GS papers), that would be great.

    Many Thanks

  •  mihir bhatawadekar @mihirb76

    Excellent initiative. Thank you so much, really appreciate your efforts. I am in. My only query is whether to email photos of answer or to upload them on the thread itself. What will be convenient for you sir? @sajal , @CD

  •  alien07 @shivani-mishra1

    a very good initiative, daily answer writing seemed difficult to incorporate in daily schedule for a beginner ……will definitely write answers from upcoming sunday

  •  satya bharadwaj @kavita29905430

    Thanks sir I am a beginner and it’s helping me allot,but I am unable to attempt all questions in one go, what should I do???

  •  venkat rock @venkat-rock

    your initiative is well and good.
    But take at least 1 or 2 answers which don’t perform well.
    so that others will also get the idea how the answer should not be written.

  •  Brainiac5 @talwarsirohi179

    Thank you civils daily. Daily writing was hard to incorporate in my schedule.

  •  uday vegad @oopsthevegad

    Good initiative
    will surely practise the same

  •  Subhajit Mukherjee @subhajitme88

    You mentioned about time duration..does that mean the tests can be taken at a specific time only? And will you no longer provide the links of the news feeds?

    •  Discuss @discuss

      .The time-limit is only a direction for aspirants.It would be great if you finish the test within this time-frame.As answer writing involves not just quality management but also time management.To begin with You may take more time to complete the paper initially but idea is to help reduce your attempt time with course of time.. You can attempt the paper whenever you feel like, However early attempt is appreciated.
      -We will provide news links/reference material.

    •  Subhajit Mukherjee @subhajitme88

      Thank you

  •  Subhajit Mukherjee @subhajitme88

    Thank you

  •  Anuj Topiwala @anuj-topiwala

    Great effort. I too was of opinion that question should be theme wise and not copy pasted from some article.

  •  Atif Hussain @atifhussain1894

    Thank you

  •  Raging Bull @sathishkumar-m

    Perfect! Thank you.

  •  Prathibha @prathibhatalwar25

    Thank you so much..

  •  White Walker @upsc-demolisher

    thank you civils daily… ! great initiative.. looking forward to it… 🙂

    •  Root @root

      White walker looking forward to something – Now that ain’t good 😉

    •  White Walker @upsc-demolisher

      Hehe.. sir 🙂

  •  Pallavi Nataraj M @pallavinataraj-m

    Thank you team.it is a great initiative

  •  Mishab Muhammed @ermuhmis

    Wow !! Great

  •  Sajal Singh @sajal_cd


    -Best answers will obviously be chosen from answers written by students in that initiative. With 3 or 5 best answers, students will get a near ideal answer for UPSC which has been reviewed by our Mentors. (That means all answers will be seen by our mentors but best ones will be picked up for intense review)

    -Point of confusion-Those Students who think that their answers will not be as good as that of others and they will be left behind. Please remember this that each day is not same and someday You might write the best answer and the ones who are writing best answer may be behind them.

    -Till October 2017 most of the questions that will be asked would be from important contemporary issues/probable issues for mains 2017. After 2017 Mains is done we will only ask questions based on weekly themes.

    •  Avancha Anil @avanchaanil04

      Thank u sir will be more beneficial for csm 2017 students …

  •  Khemchand Gujjar @khemchand-gujjar

    Good initiative CD team !! The model answer and video explanation would be great. Also Sir apart from current Affairs would you be asking the question for GS 1 also as many topics are static in nature. The range and quality of question that has been covered from the start of the initiative has been excellent.

  •  HI-M @ladies-corner

    thank u sir . looking forward to it

  •  Vishal Pandey @vishal-pandey

    great initiative!

  •  Parvathy @parvathy2490

    Great indeed!! So all the questions will be posted on Sunday and by what time we should submit our answers? Suggest you to review all serious answers and you can discuss the best answer.

    •  Sajal Singh @sajal_cd

      It will be great if You submit answers on that day itself.

    •  Parvathy @parvathy2490

      Ok Sir. I’m in 🙂

  •  akku jakhar @akku-jakhar

    good initiative sir

  •  sapna sharma @sapna9186

    Indeed its a good initiative by CD team. It will definitely help us and we are looking forward to it.

  •  Narayana Sarma @narayanacbe

    Kudos to CD team for doing a thorough analysis and bringing out this initiative. Looking forward to it.

    I request you to provide extended time limit to post answers since Sunday is also the day when most of us do revisions.

  •  Akash Agarwal @akashagarwal2009

    please divide this program in 2 phases…with
    phase 1: mains 2017 oriented which can be continued till a week before mains—weekly test are appreciated but keep whole 1 year as focus + 8 chapter of ethics which can be asked per week till next 8-9 weeks till mains commences…this will really help mains aspirant. 2018 aspirants could join in as well as exam is dynamic
    phase 2: mains 2018 oriented–this could as what you have proposed.

    please think on this

    •  Sajal Singh @sajal_cd

      surely we will think on that.Thanks for the suggestions

  •  Radhika @sr7a8b

    How can one become part of this initiative?

  •  Doreamon @korchipatis789

    Dear CD team,
    Please try to review all answers , it’s a humble request from all serious aspirarts

  •  Shyam @osthesham


  •  Vk Kumar @vkkumar

    Dear CD team,
    does that means that it becomes a futile exercise for those who are targeting mains 2017, because there will only be 12 weeks answers published by exam time, which means 120 answers, which otherwise would have been more than 250( considering 5 working days a week)?

    By the way if there is any scope of change i would like to make a request to at least review all answers. Only best answer review will discourage many and whole exercise will turn into a symbolic activity.

  •  Mohit Raj @mohitraj

    Appreciative innovation…!!!
    But would like to add, Addressing most of the answers with reviews would encourage aspirants to work hard and improve.

  •  ram ram @ram-ram


  •  Praveen Rohankar @praveen-rohankar

    Thanks CD for your efforts. However, the success and effectiveness of your programme will lie in the no. of answers reviewed by you to keep us motivated to write.

    •  ram ram @ram-ram

      yes..cd please review each answer

  •  kori9 F5 @koriaakash3

    Big thanks to you civilsdaily your efforts are commendable . Looking forward to this new initiative. It will definitely help us.

  •  Bruce Wayne @bruce-wayne

    Its a request please make the initiative 2017 mains oriented.

    •  Sajal Singh @sajal_cd

      -We will ensure that this initiative will cater to both mains 2017 writing candidates and 2018 mains answer writing candidates

  •  Amaragani SUNIL KUMAR @CE12B1002

    Brilliant… Thanks for your hardwork civilsdaily.


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