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Click2know about SIP | Samanvaya, Samachar Manthan, Static subject coverage & Prelims Mock tests

[open SIP] FREE 45 days plan for complete revision via tests for Prelims 2018

  • We have launched our special Prelims focused paid program Super Intensive Prelims (SIP) 2018 (Click2Know all details of the program)

    Along with the paid program, we will also be running a special FREE initiative on daily basis providing students with revision questions for static subjects as well as current affairs starting from June 2017

    Structure of the program:

    • We will be providing 20 questions on a DAILY basis especially handpicked by our mentors basis their difficulty as well as student performance on those questions
    • Along with the questions, detailed solutions will be provided in a PDF at the end of the test
    • We will also create an open telegram group for student discussion on these tests as well as doubt resolution that arise while attempting questions from the test
    • Our mentors will be providing students of the telegram group guidance on regular basis (based on nature of doubts i.e. the doubts that do not find a solution via peer discussions will be resolved by our mentors)
    • Every Sunday will be a revision day and no test will be uploaded on that day to let students review their performance as well as progress in previous tests
    • We will try and provide additional reading links and part of our study material (also available on our website) along with the tests
    • The test will be made live daily at 7 pm
    • Students participating on the website via comments will be evaluated by our mentors and they will be provided with an extra focus based on their efforts and requirements

    We are merging our Prelims Daily initiative with this program till Prelims 2018.

    The Open SIP program starts April 2

    Links for daily tests will be updated in this post as well as the tests will be visible on the forum

    Link for the test 1 [Updated]: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 2: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 3:  Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 4: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 5: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 6:Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 7: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 8: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 9: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 10: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 11: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 12: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 13:  Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 14: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 15: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 16: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 17: Click2Attempt

    Link for the test 18: Click2Attempt

    Detailed timetable containing syllabus of tests can be seen here: Click2View

    The link to join telegram group for open SIP program is: Click2Join

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  •  siri @swati-siri

    Also in SIP Test 1: Q3. on National Emergency.
    In your explanation : Six freedoms under Art 19 are suspended during National Emergency during war and external aggression and not during armed rebellion.

    But National Emergency itself is declared when “Security of India or a part of it is threatened by war/external aggression or armed rebellion.”

    •  siri @swati-siri

      My bad.The explanation is correct.Is there no way to revert the comment? 😛

  •  Megha Shah @meghashah


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